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Streaming Audio Recorder

The Best Streaming Audio Recorder With High Quality

An online audio recorder that records audio from any source and the recording is done automatically as long as the audio is playing on your computer.

Fully compatible with Windows 10


  Key Features

  • Incomparable Audio Recorder & Zero Risk


    Record Any Audios Played on Your Computer from Any Online Stream

    The Innovative audio recorder enables you to record audio from more than 1000 online music resource which complies with the copyright Laws. The recorder is 100% legal to use, allow you to enjoy internet radio, records your favorite tracks legally from music stations for free for personal use.




    The recorder provides you one-click way to record diversiform online music sources like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer and others.



    The recorder supports multiple radio and podcast such as AOL Radio, SoundCloud, NPC, iTunes Radio, BBC Radio, iHeartRadio, RTVE, 8 Tracks, and others.



    The Streaming audio recorder also supports call recording through Skype, and also recording of voice messages through WeChat or Facebook.



    Additional support includes iTunes playlist, Video to audio, Movie to audio, TV Show to audio and any other audio that can be played on your system.




    This audio recorder can automatically do the audio recording process after you do a simple settings. Just continue to do your stuffs, and when you come back, your favorite tracks are recorded already.

    The Audio Recorder will automatically record and split the tracks.

    Auto-Remove/Omit Ads in Recording

    The audio recorder will intelligently fitter out all the bothered ads during the recording process. You just need to do a simple settings, the recorder will do the rest process automatically.



    Record Audio for Playlist and Split Tracks Automatically

    This audio recorder is available to continuously record the tracks and split them. Just play the audio on your device, they will be recorded automatically since they start. Hence, you can save your time out of clicking on tracks one by one for recording.



    Fix ID3 Tags Automaticallly

    This user-friendly tool can fix ID3 Tags automatically for the recorded audio, such as the title, year, album, artist, genre and the cover.
    It can also identify the music files in batches to save your time out of editing them one by one. This awesome ID3 TAG EDITOR allows you to manually edit the tags and metadata, add and delete ID3 tags in MP3 files, rename files, and replace characters by single or in a batch.





    Record Audio with Best Quality and Origin Audio Files

    Best Quality and Origin Audio Files

    This high quality audio recorder allows you to get the original high quality audio just through several simple steps. Due to its virtual sound card, the recorded MP3 or M4A audio is 100% same as its original look without quality loss


    Intelligently Ads Filtering Out

    This recorder can intelligently filter out all the ads during the recording process. You just need to simply set it, the program will automatically do the rest of the process. After a little time, all the tracks will be recorded.





    Best CD Burner Software

    With this software, you can burn your personal audio CDs with your favorite recorded music. The home users and company users can use it to burn files or dirs to a data CD.






    This recorder can record audio files to iTunes and create numerous ringtones.

    Various Recorded Audio Format

    This recorder can record the audio into different formats such as MP3 or MP4, which are fully compatible with the major devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices and other MP3 or MP4 players



    Easily Design Your Own Ringtone

    By this recorder, you can design your own ringtone by splitting the audio file you like. And then set the part you like as your personal ringtone.

  How to Use Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder
  • The Genius Streaming Audio Recorder provides you 1-click way to record diversiform online music sources like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Deezer and others. Just follow up the step by step user guide to get free music right now.

    Download Win Download Mac

    Part 1: How to Record Audio from Any Online Music Resource

    Step 1: Launch the Streaming Audio Recorder.


    Step 2: Click the red audio recording icon on the left top of the Streaming Audio Recorder interface to enter the audio recording function and you will see the “READY” word appearing.


    Step 3: Play the music or audio you like on your computer. The audio can be the online music, radio, streaming audio or streaming video and so on. For example, you can open a music website on the browser of your computer and play any music from it, or open your music player on your PC to play the music one by one. Since it starts the Streaming Audio Recorder recording the audio.

    The Streaming Audio Recorder will record all the audio that played on your computer automatically.


    Step 4: When the song is recorded on your computer, the Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically fix id3 tags for you.


    And after the recording, you can click on the “Newly Recorded” option on the left of the interface to view your recorded songs.

    Part 2: How to Set “Fix ID3 Automatically” Function

    The Streaming Audio Recorder can automatically fix id3 tags for you, because usually the default setting is “Automatically”, but you can also change the setting if you don't want it to fix id3 automatically for you during the audio recording. Let's set the optional function as the following steps.

    Step 1: Launch the Streaming Audio Recorder on your PC. Then find the setting icon on the right-top of the program interface and click on it. Now you can see three setting options offered, choose the “control” option, then you can see an option item as “Auto-identify ID3 info” at the bottom of the interface. Now tick the front box of the option and then click on “ok” button to open this function and save this setting.


    Part 3: How to Edit ID3 Manually

    After the songs be recorded, you can also edit the id3 tags by yourself. Refer to the following steps:

    Step 1: Put the song you want to edit to the program, then click on “edit” icon on the right side of the song information

    Step 2: Select which information of the tag item you want to edit, and then change the information


    Once the information is edited by you, just click your mouse at any blank place. The Streaming Audio Recorder will save the information automatically.

    Part 4: How to Create Ringtone

    Step 1: Launch the Streaming Audio Recorder and click “All Recordings” option on the left side of the interface. Then all the recorded audios will be listed in the center window. Select which track is the one you want to make as the ringtone.

    Step 2: Open the Ringtone-making panel by clicking the ring icon on the right of song's title, or simply click the song you choose, then you can see the “Make Ringtone” option to open the Ringtone-making panel.


    Step 3: Set the ringtone duration by stretching or shorten the blue and white bar in the audio channel. The forward line of the bar is the ringtone starting time, and the afterward of the bar is the end time of the ringtone.



    Step 4: Once you have set the ringtone duration, you can preview the audio which means you can listen to the splitting audio piece you just made. If you are satisfied with it, you can click on “Save” button at the bottom to save this ringtone. If not, you can edit the ringtone duration again until you are satisfied. Once you choose to save the ringtone, a window will pop up to ask you to set the output format of the ringtone and saving location:


    Part 5: How to Create Playlist

    Step 1: Simply click on the “+” icon at the left bottom of the software program.

    Step 2: The playlist name is “New Playlist 01” by default, you can double-click on the playlist name and type the playlist name as you like.


    Step 3: Add songs to the playlist: click on the “All Recordings” button on the left side of the interface, and then right click the tracks, and select the “Add to Playlist” option then select which playlist is the target playlist that you want to add tracks into, click on it to choose. Then you can find the song in your playlist.


    Part 6: How to Remove Ads

    Step 1: Click on the Remove Ads icon which locates on the bottom of the software program, then the “Remove Ads” window will pop up.

    Step 2: Decide which Ads types you want to remove like “less than 20 secs” or “less than 40 secs”, and then click on “Remove” button to set it.


    Part 7: How to Add Recordings to your iTunes Library

    To add a track to your iTunes Library, simply right click the track and you will see there are several options offered such as “add to iTunes”, “select all tracks on the current playlist”, “add to a new playlist”, “delete tracks” and “open the track's containing folder”, etc. Here you choose “add to iTunes” option.

    To create a ringtone, simply click on the bell icon nearby the audio title in the playlist. After the click, a bitmap of the track will be open by the program, so now you can edit and decide the ringtone duration as you like with ease.

    streaming audio recorder

    Part 8: How to Do Streaming Audio Recorder Setting

    Step 1: Find out the setting icon on the right top of the Streaming Audio Recorder interface, and click on the icon to open the setting window.

    Step 2: Click on the “General” option, then you can change the default settings like change the recordings output location, language, software update the frequency, and hide the floating window for your program.


    Step 3: Click on the “Control” option, you can set the splitting time duration, auto-remove function that duration less than 5 or 3 seconds, whether you use the automatically ID3 fixing function.


    Step 4: Click on the “Format” option, you can set the output format for the ringtone. If your device is an iOS system iPhone, make sure you select “.m4a” as the ringtone format; if it's an Android device, just select “mp3” format.


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