Dr.Fone - iOS Private Data Eraser: Eraser iPhone Permanently
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iOS Private Data Eraser (Mac)

Completely Erase your iOS Data to Avoid Privacy Disclosure

You can clean up your private data completely and permanently from your iOS device such as Photos, Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Call History, Reminder, Safari Bookmark, and Notes
You can preview and selectively delete the data from the device
You can erase both existing and deleted private files from your iOS device

Fully compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 6.0 ~ 10.2.


  Key Features





    Everything is Erasable

    If you are planning to sell or donate your phone, you would not like that the future owner of your phone recovers any of your personal data. You can erase all your personal data from your iOS device with Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS Private Data Eraser.



    Everything on Your iPad/iPhone Can Be Erased

    Data such as photos, contacts, safari bookmarks, etc. can be easily deleted, but they can be recovered later. With Dr.Fone Toolkit - iOS Private Data Eraser, you can erase these data permanently and cannot be recovered later. Once you erase all your data, you do not have to fear to hand over your phone accidentally to identity thieves.


  How to Use Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Private Data Eraser
  • Step 1. First of all, take your iOS device and connect it to the computer that you are using with a USB cable.

    Download Win Download Mac

    In order to continue, make sure that Dr.Fone is both downloaded and installed onto the same computer that your device is connected to. Launch the Dr.Fone program and select the “More Tools” option which is located on the left panel of the program.


    Step 2. Following this, you will be displayed with several Dr.Fone features. Click on the “iOS Private Data Eraser” feature.

    The display which is shown next will inform you of all of the details about the Dr.Fone – iOS Private Data Eraser process as well as briefly warning you on some of the risks of the process.


    Step 3. After reading the details which are shown, click on the “Start Scan” button which is shown in the centre of the display.

    Dr.Fone will then perform a full scan of your device in order to find the data which is accessible on your device.


    Once the scan has completed you, the next display which is shown will allow you to browse the different types of data that Dr.Fone has detected on your device. You can browse the data using the panel located on the left side of the program.

    Step 4. After taking the time to select all of the data that you want to be erased from your iOS device, click on the “Erase from the Device” button located at the bottom right of the program.

    A window will then appear notifying you that the data you are about to erase will not be retrievable. You will be prompted to acknowledge this by entering “delete” into the box which is provided. This tells Dr.Fone – iOS Private Data Eraser that you are aware of what the process is about to do.


    The data erasing process will then begin. It’s worth noting that how long this process takes completely depends on how much data you have stored on your device. With that in mind, if you have a lot of data stored on your device then feel free to step away from your computer and stretch your legs.


    Once all of the selected data has been erased, you will be shown a message telling you that the process was a successful one.


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