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iOS Transfer for Mac

FoneTrans for iOS Devices - Not Just an Alternative to iTunes.

The Best iOS transfer and management software can transfer files between PC and iOS devices. Managing your digital life has never been easier.



  Key Features

    Transfer files such as videos, music and photos to your iDevices

    What if you get into troubles and find when you are transferring files to your iPhone with iTunes? Actually it is a very common situation among the new iOS users and it becomes extremely awkward when you are using someone else's computer only to find that all the files in iTunes are gone. However, you can do something to prevent this from happening. With the help of FoneTrans, you are allowed to transfer multimedia files such as music, videos, photos from your computer to your iOS devices. In addition, when you find it impossible to open the video or audio files with iTunes or your iOS devices, you can use FoneTrans to convert the files into the compatible ones and then transfer them to your iPhone, iPad and iPod.


    Manage and backup media files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod to your PC or iTunes

    When you use your phone for a long time, usually the phone is fully packed with photos, music and videos which will slow down your phone and make your phone mess. A good way to solve this problem is to manage the files regularly. With FoneTrans, you are allowed to set up photo albums to manage the photos and sort out the music to various playlists. What's more, you are able to transfer the music playlists to iTunes library or PC as backup files. As to photo albums on your iPhone, you can transfer them to your computer directly.


    Manage SMS and contacts on your iPhone with excellence

    When you ditch your old iPhone and get a new one, usually the first thing you want to is to transfer the contacts from your old device to the new one or get the useful messages out of the old phone. So it seems quite necessary to find a helpful tool to manage this. FoneTrans is definitely the best choice. You are enabled to transfer the SMS to your computer for later printing or as backup files. First of all, you can use FoneTrans to wipe out the unwanted messages and delete the duplicated ones. Then the SMS can be saved as excel, html or text files. In order to prevent from data loss of your iPhone, please remember to backup the files on your device because they are the most significant communication tool for your families and friends.


    Sync files between your different iOS devices directly

    FoneTrans enables you to sync files between your iPhone, iPad and iPod easily and quickly without the troublesome steps of iTunes. Concerning the convenience of the program, you can use FoneTrans to transfer the contacts between your different new bought iOS devices. Assume that you want to share some interesting files with your friends through the iOS devices, FoneTrans can also help you with that. Music, videos, eBooks, photos, playlists and contacts can all be easily transferred between the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


    Edit the name, artist, album, genre and artwork of multimedia files.



    When you transfer or backup contacts, the de-duplication function can automatically delete repeated contacts for you.


    Export files to iTunes smartly so the files won't be exported repeatedly, saving you much time.



    FoneTrans [Windows]

    Supported Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod

      Free Download for Windows   $49.95 $39.95 for Windows




    FoneTrans [Mac]

    Supported Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod

      Free Download for Mac   $49.95 $39.95 for Mac


  How to Use FoneTrans
  • FoneTrans enables you to transfer multimedia files, SMS, contacts and other files conveniently without iTunes. You can use it to import local files to iPhone, iPad and iPod, or export iPhone files to PC, or even transfer files between different iDevices.
    Apart from the basic transfer function, it can easily manage the data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to use FoneTrans in three parts.

    Part1. How to import multimedia files to iDevice?

    1. Download and install FoneTrans on your computer. Connect your device with computer via USB cable.

    2. Click Media on the left of the main interface. Wait for seconds and all the multimedia files will be loaded to the program. On the top of the interface, you can see that all multimedia files have been classified under different groups.

    3.If the file you want to import is photo or playlist, click Photo or Playlist.

    4. Click the Add button and find the file you want to import. Check it and click Open.

    By doing this, you can transfer music, movies, music videos, TV shows, photos and other multimedia files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. For music and photos, you can add them to playlists and albums to better manage them.

    Part2. How to export files on your iDevice to PC, iTunes and another iDevice?

    1. Download and install FoneTrans. Connect the iDevice (s) to the computer.

    2. On the main interface, click the name of the device from which you want to export files. Then choose and click the file type on the left.

    3. After clicking the file type, all the files of this type will be shown on the right. Tick the file or files and click the drop-down menu of Export to. For contacts, click Import/Export.

    Export Multimedia Files

    4. Choose the destination and destination folder where the file will be exported.

    Wait for seconds and your files will be exported successfully.

    Part3. How to manage contacts on your iPhone? (Edit, merge, group and transfer)

    1. Download and install FoneTrans, connect your iPhone to PC.

    2. Click Contacts. Wait for seconds and all the contacts will be loaded.

    3. If there are some duplicate ones in your iPhone, you can click De-duplicate and in the pop-up window, choose the match type and click Merge.

    4. To edit the information of the contact, check the contact and click Edit. In the edit interface, you can add photo, group, change, delete or add contact information to the contact. After editing, click Save.

    Edit iPhone Contacts

    5. To export contacts to computer or transfer them to another iDevice, tick and check contacts and click Import/Export and choose the destination.

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