Android Manager Wifi is the Best Android Contact Manager for You
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Android Manager Wifi is the Best Android Contact Manager for You

The article is to show you an amazing Android Manager Wifi version which is the best Android contact manager to import/export contacts between Android and computer, or to add, delete, group, and edit Android contacts easily.

For most people, contacts on their Android phone may be a lot, even a messy, especially for those business men. Thus, an Android Manager especially an Android Manager Wifi version will be very helpful if you want to leave the tedious work done by the program. In addition, if you got a new Android phone (like Samsung Galaxy S4) and want to transfer all contacts in your old phone to the new one, it is such a terrible thing to do this all by yourself, right?

When you faced the conditions above, you will need a third-party Android Contact Manager Wifi version program to help you. I recommend you Wondershare MobileGo for Android which can fulfill all your needs just through your computer with Wifi.

You can now download a free trial version of Android Contacts Manager Wifi – Wondershare MobileGo for Android below. At this time, only the Windows version supports Android Manager with Wifi. For Android Contact Manager Mac users, you should connect Android phone to computer via USB cable. Ok, please download the right version according to your computer system.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Firstly. Connect Android to computer via Wifi

At the very beginning, please install the Android contacts manager Wifi version on your PC and then launch it. Then please connect your phone to your computer via Wifi or via USB cable. Your device will be detected automatically and then you can see your device displayed on your computer. Since this Android Manager Wifi – MobileGo Android Manager fully supports all popular Android phones like Samsung/Google/HTC/Motorola, you can turn to the tool conveniently.
Android Manager Wifi for Galaxy S4
Then, let’s manage Android contacts on computer via Wifi easily.


1. Add/delete/edit contacts on Android phone by Android Contacts Manager

Android contact Manager wifi

  • A. If you want to add contacts, please click the button “New” to add new contacts to your Android phone;
  • B. If you want to delete contacts, you can do so by clicking the contacts that you want to remove and then clicking “Delete”.
  • C. You can also edit contacts by double clicking the contacts and then edit the information on your computer.
  • D. You can also find contacts with the same name, number or email number.

2. Export/import Android contacts by Android Contact Manager

It is easy to export/import Android contacts to your phone with this Android Manager Wifi tool. You just need to click on the button “Import/Export” firstly. Then please click the button “Import contacts from computer”. You will then see a pull-down list, and you can now choose the location to import your contacts. In the step, you can import contacts from Windows Address Book, Outlook, Windows Live Mail and vCard file.
Android contacts Manager wifi
If you want to export contacts from your Android phone, please select the contacts that you want to export and then click the button “Import/Export”. Then choose “Export selected contacts to computer” or “Export all contacts to computer”. You will then require to choose from a pull-down list, please choose to export contacts to vCard file, Outlook, Windows Address Book, or Windows Live Mail to save your contacts.


3. Group contacts on Android phone by Contact Manager for Android

You can also import contacts to an existing account or group with the help of the professional Contacts Manager for Android – Wondershare MobileGo for Android. You can do so by just dragging them to the corresponding category. You can also do so by creating a new group and then drag contacts that you want.

This professional Android Manager Wifi also lets you import and convert videos/audios to your Android devices, transfer SMS to your PC, and install/uninstall/export Android apps. It’s an all-in-one Android Manager via Wifi specially.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version