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Best Safe Eraser Software – iMyFone Umate Pro User Guide

Apple is the creators of some of the best devices out there. There's no denying that with every new release, they never fail to impress their audience. That being said, although the hardware that they develop is fantastic, when it comes to the software side of things, iTunes lacks in a lot of areas. Because of that, many people look into third-party software as a means of having all of the tools that they need. This can be inconvenient as to eventually have all of the iOS tools which you need; you would have to install several different pieces of software. Fortunately, with our safe eraser software, that isn't a problem. With iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac, all of your iOS tools are in one central location; eliminating the need for you to install unnecessary programs.

What iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows & Mac Includes

The features which are currently included within the iMyFone Umate Pro software are:

If any of these features are unclear, we have broken each of them down below.

One Click Free Up Space: If you have a larger iPhone capacity, either 32GB or 64GB, then you may find that this isn't a feature you will use very often. This feature performs a full scan of your device to detect any junk files, temporary files, and any files which take up the most capacity. After the scan is complete, you will be given the option to remove each of these files.

Erase All Data: Although the iOS platform already includes a factory reset setting, it actually doesn't remove all of the data on your device. Thus, if you intend on selling your device and don't want your personal data to be retrievable, then using this feature is in your best interest.

Erase Deleted Files: Following on from the previous feature, if you have deleted files from your device, they are still retrievable. This feature allows you to perform a hard-removal of these files, completely erasing them from your device.

Erase Private Data: Account information, email information, your browsing history. Private data like this is retrievable on your device and on top of that, can prove to take up a lot of space. With the “Erase Private Data” feature, space can be freed up and you be worry-free about your data being stolen.

All in all, the purpose of iMyFone Umate Pro is to safely remove unnecessary data from your device, without harming crucial files, and ultimately provide you with a much cleaner device and a lot more space.

Why Clear Up Space?

iPhones, and iOS devices in general, are notorious for having small capacities. For those with 8GB or 16GB devices, it is more than necessary that you remove data every so often. This prevents the device from filling up and also prevents you from having to delete your photos and such.

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Part 1. How to Use “One Click to Free Up Space

By following each of the steps below, you will be able to use the iMyFone Umate Pro software to free up space on your device.

Step #1 – Start off by making sure that you have the program installed properly so that you're ready to proceed.

Step #2 – After the program is installed, connect your iPhone device using the appropriate USB cable. It will take a few moments for your device to be detected and till you are ready to move on.

Step #3 – Now, on the safe eraser software, click on the “1-Click Free Up Space” option on the left panel.

Step #4 – If your device isn't connected, you'll be prompted to connect it now. Otherwise, a display will be shown informing you of the data storage on the connected device.

Step #5 – When you are ready to begin the process, click “Quick Scan“, and the scan will begin.

Step #6 – Once the scan is complete, you will be shown a breakdown of what has been detected.

Step #7 – For each file type, decide whether you'd like to “Clean” the data (simply removing it from your device), or if you'd like to remain simply ignore it.

Step #8 – To make sure that the scan has detected all of the data which can be removed (or to see a noticeable difference in the free space that you now have on your device), you are able to click on the “Rescan” button located at the bottom of the display.

If you're looking to clear up some space on your device but don't have the time to clear your photos and app data, using our “One Click to Free Up Space” feature will get it done for you.

Part 2. How to Use “Erase All Data

When you follow each of the steps that we have described below, you can fully erase all data from your device.

Step #1 – Make sure that you have the safe eraser software – iMyFone Umate Pro downloaded, installed and ready to begin. On top of that, connect your iOS device using a lightning cable. You are now ready to begin.

Step #2 – On the program's interface, click on the “Erase All Data” option on the left panel. On the display which appears, you will be shown some basic storage information about the device which you have connected.

Step #3 – To begin the device erase process, click on the “Erase” button which is shown.

Note: it's incredibly important to understand that once you click on that “Erase” button, any of the data which is stored on the device will be gone and unrecoverable. Because of this, we suggest that you take the time to take a backup of the device's data beforehand.

Step #4 – On the next display, you will be walked through some of the basic instructions and will also be able to select a security level. There are three security levels available although the default option, medium, is recommended.

Before we continue with the steps, here is a quick breakdown of how each security level alters the scan.

  • High Level. This level is recommended to those who have used online banking on their device or have any personal information at all stored. With it, your device will be fully erased a total of 3 times.
  • Medium Level. This option is both the default and the recommended option. This level erases your device one time and afterward, overwrites data with junk files. This ensures that your data will not be recoverable in the future.
  • Low Level. This is the lowest and simplest security erase method. Similar to the medium level, your device is simply wiped although unlike the medium level, junk files are not used to overwrite.

Step #5 – When you're ready to erase the data, simply type the word “delete” in the space which is provided, click “Erase Now“, and the process will begin.

Again, once this process takes place there is no going back. If you have even the slightest inclination that there is data you want to keep that is currently stored on your device, it's a good idea to take a backup beforehand. On top of that, to prevent corrupting the iOS which is installed on your device, keep the device connected the entire time that this process is taking place.

There's no doubting that when it comes to factory resetting your device, this is the method which is in your best interest. As we mentioned above, simply using the built-in factory reset isn't enough as the data is still obtainable.

Part 3. How to Use “Erase Deleted Files”

To erase deleted files which are on your device and are underlying, follow the steps below accordingly.

Before you jump into this method, make sure that our safe eraser software is installed properly and that you have connected the appropriate device to your computer.

Step #1 – On the left panel of iMyFone Umate Pro, click on the “Erase Deleted Files” option.

Step #2 – A display will then be shown, providing you with a brief explanation of your devices storage. When you're ready to begin, go ahead and click on the “Scan” button.

Step #3 – The scan will take a few minutes to complete although once it's done, you will be able to browse the different data on your device and find out what files are taking up the most space.

Note: knowing what files consume the most storage is incredibly useful as it can prevent you from deleting the data that you want, and instead you can delete unnecessarily stored data.

Step #4 – Take a few moments to go through each of the different data types using the list on the left. By doing this, you can selectively erase deleted files.

Note: any data types which are grayed out are data types which don't have any deleted files.

Step #5 – After going through the different types of data and selecting what deleted data you want to have deleted (presumably all of it, after all, it is deleted data!), click on the “Erase Now” button at the bottom right.

Step #6 – A similar display to before will be shown. Type “delete” to confirm the data removal, and click “Erase Now” at the bottom right of the program to complete the process.

Something worth noting about this method is that while it can help you as a safe eraser software, it cannot be used to recover deleted data. Once the deleted date is removed, there's no getting it back. Furthermore, if you attempt to stop the process once it has begun, you are putting your device at risk.

Alongside junk files, deleted files are one of the main reasons for storage capacity being so low. They take up so much unnecessary space that it is essential for you to use our “Erase Deleted Files” feature once every so often.

Part 4. How to Use “Erase Private Data”

Worried about your personal data being leaked through iCloud or from your device being stolen? If that's the case, our “Erase Private Data” feature is exactly what you're looking for.

Again, before we get into the process itself, make sure that the best safe eraser software – iMyFone Umate Pro is installed and that you have your iOS device connected with a lightning cable.

Step #1 – Launch the iMyFone Umate Pro software and once it has loaded up, click on the “Erase Private Data” option located on the left panel.

Step #2 – If your device hasn't already been detected, you will be prompted to connect it now.

Step #3 – The display which is shown will prompt you to begin the scan and will show you how much storage your device currently has. Click on the “Scan” button.

Step #4 – The scan will take a few minutes to complete, depending on how much data you have stored on your device, although once it is finished all of the detected private data will be shown.

Note: if you are looking to get rid of the device or are selling it, we suggest selecting all of the data which has been detected. Otherwise, you can selectively decide.

Step #5 – Browse the detected data and select the private data that you'd like to have deleted. When you're done, click “Erase Now“.

Step #6 – You will then be prompted to verify the removal process. Simply select a security level (as we described in the previous method), type “delete” into the box provided”, and click “Erase Now” to have the data completely removed from your device.

Removing your device whilst this process is going on can result in your device being damaged, so avoid doing so at all costs. On top of that, similarly, stopping the process before it has completed the data removal will result in a similar situation.

Once you've followed each of these steps accordingly, all of your private data will be removed and will be completely out of unwanted hands.

To Conclude…

Taking all of the different features which our safe eraser software – iMyFone Umate Pro has to offer into account, there's no doubting that this is a program which you need. If you haven't already experienced it for yourself, download it today and give it a shot.

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