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Contacts to Moto X: Best Way to Sync Outlook Contacts with Moto X

Wondershare MobileGo for Android helps you to synchronize the Outlook’s contacts with Moto X freely and the detailed ways of it are taught below. Just find out how to sync your contacts with Moto X in an easy way.

Moto X, the newly issued Motorola cell phone, not only can reply to your voice without your clicking but also send you the information you want carefully, which adds color to our life. It is a good choice for you if you want to get a Android smart phone. But there is a problem that since your contacts are saved in your Outlook account, firstly you must sync your Outlook contacts with Moto X to import all of your contacts to Moto X.

The Wondershare MobileGo for Android is the right program for you to solve this problem easily. As a useful Android management program, it helps you to sync all Outlook’s contacts 2003/2007/2010/2013 and Express to Moto X successfully.

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Step 1. After starting this program to sync contacts with Moto X, you should link your Moto X to your PC.

Setting this MobileGo for Android program up on your computer, you start it and link the Moto X to your computer by a USB cable. With this powerful outlook contacts to Moto X program, the Moto X will be scanned and showed in the main window.

MobileGo for Moto X

Step 2. Now just sync & copy outlook contacts to Moto X

Touch Contacts in the left column and display the contact window. Touch Import/Export of the top. Then click Import contacts from computer from the drop-down menu and after that, there appears another drop-down menu on the right. Select from Outlook Express or from Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013.

Outlook Contacts to Moto X Phone
Firstly, the contacts in Outlook account will be reviewed by this MobileGo for Android program and then the pop-up menu tells you to find a place, like cell phone’s memory or SIM card, to save the imported contacts from Outlook. But if there are some signed accounts on your Android phone, you can also save the contacts on your account. After that, your transmission starts with a notice that you must guarantee you Moto X is always connected without a break.

Sync Outlook Contacts With Moto X
Now, the Outlook contacts are already imported to your Moto X but if there are some duplicates of the contacts, combining them by touching DE-duplicate is a good choice.
You can also click below video tutorial to learn more details about how to import/copy/sync outlook contacts to Moto X step by step.

In the fact, you can not only sync the contacts from your Outlook to Moto X, but also you are able to synchronize contacts from Windows address book, Windows Live Mail to this smart phone or other Android smart phone. Concerning that on the computer you save some vCard documents, you are capable of transferring all your contacts to your Moto X.

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