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Droid to iPhone: How to transfer contacts from Motorola / HTC to iPhone

Transfer data from Motorola / HTC to iPhone 5/4S/4, such as copy contacts/videos/photos from HTC Droid DNA or Moto Droid to iPhone in a simple, quick & safe way with best MoibleTrans app.

How to transfer the contacts from someone’s HTC Droid, MOTO RAZR, DEFY or Milestone to an iPhone? The problem will still exist if you choose to move your step from the Motorola’s shop to the iPhone’s. Because they are in completely different system and you have to input the contacts one by one. Maybe a program or an account like Gmail account will be your first choice to backup contacts. However, it is inconvenient and time waste to upload them to the account and send them to your iPhone. What’s worse, it will increase the risk of revealing the information.

A Wondershare MobileTrans may be the best and safe program you can resort to. It is designed for syncing any data from phone to phone. So you can copy contacts from Motorola to iPhone with its help, like contacts from Droid to iPhone. Moreover, you can also copy other data at the same time, such as Email address, job title and company name.


How to copy contacts from Droid to iPhone?

There are the basic steps about changing contacts from Motorola / HTC Droid to iPhone below and the trial version is free to download.


Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version


Step 1: Start Motorola to iPhone transfer app


First, free download & install Wondershare MobileTrans and open it. Then you will see the screen like below.


Motorola Droid to iPhone Transfer


Note: Remember to install iTunes on the computer before start to moving contacts from Droid to iPhone.


Step 2: Connect your Motorola Droid phone (or HTC Droid Phone) and iPhone to computer


Connect your Motorola phone and iPhone to the computer in the meantime. They will be detected as soon as possible by the Mobile Trans and turn up as “Source” and “Destination”. In addition, you can choose to click the tab “Clear data before copy” at the right-lower of the primary window to empty your iPhone.


Droid to iPhone

Note: The powerful Droid to iPhone Transfer tool – Wondershare Mobile Trans applies to all Motorola phones ( MOTO DEFY,MOTO RAZR,Moto Milestone/Milestone2/Milestone3/Milestone4) and iPhone models (iPhone 5/4/4S/3GS).


Step 3: Sync/copy contacts from Motorola/HTC to iPhone or from Droid to iPhone


You should choose the item of contacts but not others if you just want to move contacts. Then start with clicking the button “Start Copy” to transfer. Make sure that your Motorola phone and iPhone are always connected with the computers.


Droid to iPhone Transfer


Note: Click the button “Flip” can help you to move information from iPhone to Motorola if needed.

Now, you can transfer contacts from Motorola to iPhone with the help of our Droid to iPhone app – Wondershare Mobile Trans by yourself. And the simple-to-use Motorola to iPhone transfer tool not only can sync phone data between Motorola and iPhone, but also support all Android phone, iOS devices, Symbian Nokia phones, with over 2,000 phones. And the transfer data includes SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps. Don’t miss the professional & easy-to-use Phone to Phone transfer tool. WonderShare MobileTrans will never let you down.


Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version