Get Back Data from Hard Drive with Mac Disk Recovery Software
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Get Back Data from Hard Drive with Mac Disk Recovery Software

Everyone may meet the problem of losing important photos, financial documents or emails on your Mac hard drive. So it is highly recommended you to back up all important documents on a regular basis. It is the most convenient way for you to get back the data if you accidently lose it. But sometimes you may forget to copy the files on hard drive, don't be frustrated, Mac Disk Recovery Software can save you from losing important documents.

People may sometimes format the disk to rearrange the size of disk partitions or just delete needless files on hard drive. As there are various different files in the disk, they can hardly certify the files which are useful or not. After formatting or deleting, they suddenly found that the files are useful and need to view latter, then they tried to find lost files back, or else they have to restart the work and spend the whole weekend to redo it, or they will lose their important files permanently. Even you can lose data of Mac disks due to virus or malware attack. Here comes the question then: how to retrieve lost data in Mac disks?

Steps to recover losing data from your Mac hard drive:

Firstly download the Mac Disk Recovery Software – Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac.

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There are three modes for you to choose based on different situations. Here we take "Deleted File Recovery" for example.

mac disk recovery

Step 1: Select the logical hard drive

Open your Disk Recovery Software for Mac, and click the "Deleted File Recovery" on its main screen. Then select the disk where your lost files were and start to scan by clicking the "scan" button. It can recover the lost files from external hard drives and USB flash drives as well as the Macintosh hard disk.

disk recovery mac

Step 2: Preview and recover the lost files in Mac hard drive

After scanning, you'll see a list of all recoverable files on your designated disk. Here the Mac Disk Recovery Software supports the preview function for documents, photos and archives. Pick up the check-box of the lost files which you are going to recover and click  "Recover" .

mac hard drive data recovery

Note: For deleted file recovery, it saves your time to precisely search the deleted files with the name by filter options provided in the software.

Step 3: Select a recovery path to save files after recovering

Enter or select a destination where you want to save the target files, and then click the "Save" button. If the hard drive that you lost files has been overwritten by new files, you can hardly recover it with a data recovery software, so we highly recommend you to save the files in a different drive from your source drives.

mac disk recovery software

Here it is, finally your lost files go back together again!

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