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Guidance to Transfer iTunes Playlists to a New Computer

“I am planning to buy a new computer, but a problem troubled me for a long time. As although I know I can download those purchased music from iTune Store to the new iTune again, but I don’t have idea how to copy all iTunes playlists to the new PC easily. It’s too troublesome for me to recreate it again. Now, the problem is that whether there is a method which can make it easier for me to transfer iTunes playlists to a new computer?”

Everyone must be excited to use a new computer. But how to keep your existing iTunes playlists? As it’s time-conmsusing to generate a new iTune playlists one by one by yourself. Don’t worry. You are a lucky dog here. Now, we are going to recommend an amazing way to shift iTunes playlists to a new computer by Wondershare MobileGo for iOS. We believe that you will feel good after reading our interpretation and can’t wait to try it at once.

Download MobileGo for iOS (Windows Version) Download MobileGo for iOS (Mac Version)

The best way to transfer iTunes playlists to new computer with below steps:

Step 1: Sync your iTunes playlists to your iOS devices

Transfer iTunes Playlists
Before transferring iTunes playlists to your new computer. You should guarantee that one of your iOS devices contains all your iTunes playlists that you want to transfer. If not, you can sync your iOS device to iTunes for your playlists. You can also import your iTunes playlists to your iOS device by the powerful Wondershare MobileGo for iOS.

Step 2: Download & launch Wondershare MobileGo for iOS

MobileGo for iOS works well on all Windows PC. Just download it and install on your computer which will make iTunes playlists to new computer transition come true.

Then click on the quick launch key to make the MobileGo for iOS work. Through a USB connector, you can link the new computer to any Apple device, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad. At the same time, MobileGo for iOS will detect the device. It will present the device’s basic information in the primary window if the connection succeeds.

Step 3: Import iTunes playlist to new computer

export itunes playlist to computer
Click the button “Playlist” in the original window, and then the old iTunes playlists which you have synced to this device can be seen. You can choose the playlists that you want, and click “Export to” > “Export to iTunes Library”. The next seconds, you will see these iTunes playlists are copied to the new computer.

What an amazing software! You can transfer your existing iTunes playlists to any new computer with the help of the Wondershare MobileGo for iOS, but the premise is that you should guarantee you have synced those iTunes playlists to your iOS devices already.

Now, do you have willness to try it firstly? Come on, it will not let you down, we promise!

Download MobileGo for iOS (Windows Version) Download MobileGo for iOS (Mac Version)