Hard Drive Repair - Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk
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Hard Drive Repair - Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

Want to recover data from damaged hard drive easily? Need to diagnose and fix broken or dead hard disk? Here we are! In this guide, you will learn how to find out the causes of a broken hard drive and fix it manually. Then you are able to recover lost data from damage hard drive with the advised data recovery software in part 3. Please check it out below. 

Part 1: Damaged Types of Hard Drive

As your hard drive doesn't perform well, now let's make a summary about the failure and pinpoint the types of hard drive damage. Please check it out below:

1. Hard Drive cannot be recognized. The hard drive doesn't pop up and you are not able to see and check it on your computer. Or you cannot check it though you click on the item for thousands of times

2. Hard drive is completely dead.

3. Make sound or even spin down. The related damage types can be various. For instance, a clicking sound may refer to a malfunctioning head issue. 

Actually, you can also summarize the hard drive damage into two mainly causes: internal hard drive damage and external hard drive damage. You can continue to read in part 2 for more details about the way to diagnose your damaged hard disk issues.

Part 2: Diagnose and Fix Broken Hard Drive Issues

There are innumerable symptoms that may refer to a damaged or dead hard drive. Making different types of sounds, completely spinning down or failing to be recognized can be the common situations that users would meet when hard drive is damaged. 

Fix Broken Hard Drive Issues

Step 1 Firstly, you can listen to the sound of your computer. For instance, if it is spinning down completely, it can be due to a faulty printed circuit board. And please click here to see more details of the hard disk sounds to diagnose the problem. 

Step 2 If you can figure out the damage hard drive types by listening to the sounds, you can then pick up a corresponding method to fix the problem. For instance, you need to check the Hard Drive Connections if it is an internal hard drive problem. Or you should make sure the IDE/SATA to USB enclosure is ok when you find out that it is actually an external hard drive issue. 

Bear in mind to ask a specialist for help if you are not good in this field otherwise the situation may become worse and worse. 

Part 3: Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

To recover lost files from a broken hard drive, you are recommended to try Data Recovery tool effectively fix the problem. Data Recovery tool is a program that aims to scan out deleted, formatted or lost data and recover them back in several simple clicks. Now, please download and install the program on your computer and follow the guide below to start to recover lost data from hard disk.

Download Win Download Mac

Step 1 Select File Type to Recover Files
After you download and install Data Recovery program, please launch it on your computer. Then you need to select the file types you want or choose all of them to recover. Then click on the “Next” button. 

Choose File Type

Step 2 Select Damaged External Hard Drive to Scan 
Please select your damaged external hard drive to start recovering data. Click on the "Start" button and the program would begin to scan your hard drive for the lost data.

Select Your Hard Disk Location

Step 3 Preview and Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive
You are able to see that the scanning result has been sorted out in the left pane. Now, click on the button at the top right corner and you can preview the files easily. To recover data from hard drive, please have a click on the "Recover" button. 

Recover Deleted Data