How to Automatically Backup Hard Drive in Windows XP
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How to Automatically Backup Hard Drive in Windows XP

Why need to backup hard drive in Windows XP?

Many friends of mine often complain the trivial steps of making hard drive backup, which leads to their inconvenience to backup hard drive and eventually, they don't have up-to-date backups to restore when problems occur.

Many people still use Windows XP now, and it will take a couple of years for Windows 7 to take the place of XP. So how to timely and automatically backup hard drive in Windows XP has confused so many people; they have to give up backup and restore, the fastest way to remove computer problems.

How to backup hard drive in Windows XP automatically?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to automatically backup hard drive in Windows XP, so that you are able to do a restore freely without worrying data loss or work being interrupted.

First we need a system resotore software, for example: Wondershare Time Shuttle. It has many wonderful features and here we mainly talk about how to backup hard drive in Windows XPautomatically with this wonderful system restore software.

The biggest reason that Time Shuttle is recommended is that it can backup hard drives in less than 5 seconds, no matter how large the data size is on your drive. Besides, this system restore programneeds only a little system resource. Thus, the instant and little consuming make no interrupt to your work, no reboot, temporary down, and you don't need to spare mind to remember when to backup hard drive. Backup hard drive on Window XP

The picture above shows the schedule tasks Time Shuttle can carry out. It can automatically backup your hard drive daily, weekly, monthly and on specified time point. It also has an event trigger and can take a snapshot before running setup.exe program, effectively prevent malware attack to your computer.

The silent work mode and schedule tasks ensure fluent automatic hard drive backup in Windows XP and you can always have your backup up-to-date, containing all data you have changed on your computer. Next time when you are confronted with a virus, system crash and any problem, don't hesitate to use restore, and your problems will soon be gone!