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How to Backup Contacts from Sony Xperia

There is no need to explain the importance of saving your phone numbers on a Sony Xperia Z1. It is possible that everyone knows how to transfer the information to the internal storage or a SIM card. Sony users are even allowed to do it with an online synchronization tool such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. But do you have any idea how those data can be copied to PC? If you don’t, read more and you will know. Two tools are introduced in this article Sony PC Companion and Mobile Transfer.

You’ve probably heard of Sony PC Companion. Yet, there should be more options. Try and decide which one suits you most.


Part One: Backup Sony Xperia Contacts with Sony PC Companion

Sony PC Companion is an application with which you can connect the Smartphone to PC. No USB Drivers are needed. You can use it to manage files, backup and restore your devices, and so on.

Step 1.Plug the Sony Phone in
You need to have the software installed. And then connect your phone to the computer. Click the module "Backup & Restore". If this is the first time you use this, the application will have it downloaded. After that, press "Start".

Backup Sony Contacts

Step 2.Select Xperia Contacts and Back Them up
You will then see this interface. Click the button "Backup" in the middle. (You can tap "Settings", and decide how long a backup should be created.)

Backup Contacts from a Sony Xperia Phone

Next, on the pop-up window, the to-be-backed-up items need to be selected. Tick "Contacts & call log" only and press "Next" on the bottom right. (More information about the content can be seen by clicking the link in blue color.)

Save Sony Contacts to PC

After the phrase of "Preparation", this window will show up, meaning that file saving is in process. And finally, the items you choose are to be displayed. Click "OK" to finish.

Store Sony Phone Numbers on Pc

Transfer Sony Address Book to the Computer

Part Two: Save Sony Contacts on PC with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer can also be used to backup smartphones. But, it is more powerful than that. This application allows users to seamlessly copy data between phones, or between phones and computers. Download it by clicking the buttons.

Down WinDown Mac

Step 1.Connect Your Sony Xperia device to PC
Install Mobile Transfer and open it. On the colorful interface, four functions are offered. Now, click the section "Back Up Your Phone" in light blue. (If you can not get the handset connected, do it with another cable or computer.)

Transfer Contacts from Sony to PC

Step 2.Store Sony Contacts
Also, you are allowed to choose file types. The software will scan for the data automatically. After that, tick "Contacts" and press the blue button "Start Copy".

Save Sony Adress Book

Wait until this box pops up. And click "OK" to finish.

Backup Address Book on a Sony Xperia Device

Down WinDown Mac

We can see that both parts are very easy to handle. Only a few clicks are needed. Leave us comments if you don’t understand the details of the steps.