How to Backup Samsung Galaxy Photos to Computer
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How to Backup Photos from Samsung to PC

What is the point of backing up your photos on Samsung?
Mobile phones now have played an important role in life. And one of the functions is taking pictures. As more and more data can be stored in it, we may sometimes not even think about transferring the files to PC so that there is enough room for other contents. Many Android users tend not to perform a backup. And, when the things are lost, they can only use tools like Samsung Data Recovery to restore. But, chances are you can not bring them back if the photographs are overwritten.

So, do backup photos from Samsung to PC as frequently as possible. Here are two ways I'd like to introduce for your choice Samsung Kies and Mobile Transfer, both being easy to use and of their own advantages.

The article is divided into two parts:


Part One: Backup Samsung Photos with Samsung Kies


Samsung Kies is an excellent application for backups and recovery. It is provided by Samsung.

Step 1.Download and Install Samsung Kies
The software is available at the Samsung website. Have it set up and double click to open. You will find this interface when the handset is not connected. 

Backup Samsung Photos

Then, plug the phone in with a USB cord. If there is any new firmware detected, you will be promoted to update it. Click "Cancel" to continue.

Save Samsung Pictures to PC

Step 2.View the Samsung Pictures and Save Them
When connection is done, five kinds of data will be listed under the name of you phone. (Not the ones beneath "Library".) Click "Photos". And then, the file details will show up on the right—images, names, resolutions, dates taken, dates modified and sizes.

Store Samsung Photographs on PC

Tick the ones that you think are important and press the third icon on the tool bar to save them.

Part Two: Do a Backup of Samsung Photographs with Mobile Transfer


Mobile Transfer is a multi-functional application which can help you transfer data between two mobile devices, back up or restore your phone and so on.

Step 1.Have Mobile Transfer Downloaded
Click the button to download a Mac or Windows version.

Down WinDown Mac

After you install and launch it, the following interface can be seen. It is separated into four sections, standing for the four functions. Now, tap "Back Up Your Phone".

Do A Backup of Samsung Pictures

Step 2.Connect Your Samsung Device and Save Images
Your handset is displayed on the left as a "Source Phone" while the PC is on the right. If any photos are scanned, the number will be shown. On this Galaxy S3, there are 105 of them. Check "Photos" and click "Start Copy". At the end, a box should pop up, saying "All selected files are backed up completely". Then, press "OK" to finish.

Perform A Samsung Photo Backup

Down WinDown Mac

Samsung Kies can deal with Podcast while Mobile Transfer with SMS, call logs and apps. Choose the one that meet your demand. Well, this is the end of the guide. If you have any problem, please leave comments and we will see what we can do.