How to Backup Samsung Music to PC
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How to Backup Samsung Music to PC

"I want to transfer my songs from the Samsung Galaxy phone to PC, but I can't do that with just a USB cable. So, what do I need to get it done?"

Well, in most cases you can do as the following: Open "Setting" > Enter "More…" > Tap "USB utilities" > Check "Connect Storage to PC". Then the mass storage mode will be enabled. You may now open up your PC Windows Explorer and find the removable disk. If the location of the music is known, data transfer would be easy. But, I could not find anything like "USB utilities" on my Galaxy S3. So, there is no way to proceed to the last step. Luckily, I find two ways to do it Samsung Kies and Mobile Transfer.

Though you have to install the program first, it is really worthwhile. Only two steps are needed for both applications to backup your music from Samsung devices to PC.

Part One: Backup Samsung Audios with Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is mainly used to communicate between computers and Samsung devices. It also allows you to update firmware.

Step 1.Open Samsung Kies
Install the program and run it on Windows or Mac. You can see this interface, waiting for you to plug the device in.

Backup Samsung Music

Connect your phone to PC. And when you have done that, the information will show up on the right side. In the meantime, the name of the Samsung handset should be on the left, with categories like "Music" beneath it.

Backup Music from Samsung

Step 2.Select the Audio Files and Do a Backup
Select "Music". Then, the content on the device will be displayed as below. The titles, lengths, artists, albums and genres can all be seen. You may even play them by highlight a specific one and click the button at the bottom.

Do a Backup of Samsung Songs

Tick the ones you like and press the button that says "Save selected music to PC".

Part Two: Perform a Backup of Samsung Songs with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer can exchange not only data between mobile phones and computers but also between two handsets.

Step 1.Download Mobile Transfer
Press the button below to have the software in your PC. Please choose the right version that suits your operating systems.

Down WinDown Mac

When you have set it up, select the light blue section, "Back Up Your Phone".

Perform a Backup of Samsung Audios

Step 2.Get the Samsung Device Connect and Store the Songs
When you plug the handset in, Mobile Transfer will detect it automatically. Your phone will be on the left side as a "Source Phone". You can choose which kinds of file are to be backed up. There are in total seven of them. We should check the option "Music" in the sixth place and click "Start Copy". Then, wait for a minute and tap "OK" when a box pops up, saying "All selected files are backed up completely".

Save Samsung Music on the Computer

Down WinDown Mac

It is the end of this article. So, have you decided which way suits you most? They are both efficient and easy to use.