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How to Backup Text Messages from Sony Xperia

"Is there any way to transfer my messages to the computer? My phone is getting slower and slower, and I think that it is because the amount of space is being used up by these files. I've heard that some apps may help. But, unfortunately, my Sony Xperia Z did not come with a Google Play Store."

Well, there are some ways for you to backup SMS from a Sony Xperia phone. If you can not do it on the device, try moving your data to PC. It is also quite simple. You just need to follow this guide and will certainly make it. The first thing you need to do is downloading Sony PC Companion or Mobile Transfer. (Many Sony users have used Sony PC Companion. If you are the one, click the link below and skip to Part Two.)

Part One: Save Text Messages on Sony Xperia Phones with Sony PC Companion

Sony PC Companion is a collection of tools with which you can backup and restore your device, update software, moving content from old phone to a new one, and so on.

Step 1.Download and set up Sony PC Companion
When you open the software, several modules are displayed. Find "Backup & Restore" and click it. The first time you use it, the application will have this tool downloaded. Then, press "Start" at the bottom.

Backup Sony Messages

Step 2.Choose "Backup" and Copy the SMS
You will see this interface. The Sony phone is on the left side and the computer right. If you have ever done a backup, the history is going to be listed in the box. Tap "Backup".

Backup Messages from a Sony Xperia Phone

Next, you need to select which kinds of data are to be saved. In the second place on the left, we can see "Text messages". Tick off the others unless you want them backed up too. (The details about the to-be-backed-up content can be seen by clicking the link, "More information about contents that will be backed up".) Now, press the button "Next".

Save Sony Messages

When in the phrase of "Preparation", as you can see on the top of the window, you can change the name of the backup and choose the file folder where it is going to be stored. Click "Next" and you will see this.

Store SMS on a Sony Phone

When it is over, the items will be shown in this way. Click "OK".

Backup SMS from a Xperia Handset

Part Two: Do a Backup of Sony SMS with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is a well-known application for data transfer. It can be used to copy file from phone to phone, from phone to computer and from computer to phone.

Step 1.Install Mobile Transfer and Plug the Sony Device in
Click the button to download the version for Windows or Mac. And then have it installed on your PC.

Down WinDown Mac

Open it and then connect your phone to the computer. The handset will be detected automatically. Next, click "Back Up Your Phone".

Transfer Sony SMS to PC

Step 2.Transfer Xperia Text Messages after Choosing it
The name of your phone will be shown on the left. There are seven items for your choice. Check the second one, "Text messages" and press the button "Start Copy". Wait for a while until it is done.

Copy Sony SMS

Down WinDown Mac

Well, this is the end of the article. How do you like them?