How to Backup Videos from Samsung Galaxy to PC
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How to Backup Videos from Samsung Galaxy to PC

Do you have any important videos that have recorded the life of your family or a wonderful experience with your friend? Do you want to flash a new ROM or factory reset your Samsung Galaxy phone? In any of these cases, your files need to be backed up in order to prevent them from losing. And of course, there are some ways for you to recover the deleted Samsung videos without a backup file. But, whether you succeed or not depends on if the data are overwritten. All is to say, it is safer to save the content on your computer. But we do not intend to do it manually. With the help of these two applications—Samsung Kies and Mobile Transfer, things would be much easier.

Samsung Kies and Mobile Transfer are excellent software apps of different features. However, in a way, they are pretty much alike—both the two can backup Samsung videos with simple steps.

The guide is divided into two parts:


Part One: Backup Videos on Samsung with Samsung Kies

Many Samsung users have heard or used Samsung Kies, which is for computer-phone communication. You can do a backup or retrieve lost contents with it. If you have known how this works, please skip to Part Two.

Step 1.Have Samsung Kies Installed on PC
To begin with, you need to install this software after downloading. Open it and newly-open window is like this. The next thing to do is plugging the handset in so that we can continue. Samsung Kies will detect it automatically. If you have any problem connecting the device, click the button "Troubleshoot connection error" and follow the wizard.

Backup Samsung Videos 

When there is a new firmware, you will be prompted to upgrade your Samsung phone. Decide whether you want to have the device updated. And if not, press "Cancel". After that, you can see this interface with the side bar on the left falling into two categories—GT-I9300, which is my phone, and Library.

Backup Videos on Samsung

Step 2.Choose Videos and Save them
Click "Videos" in the fourth under "GT-I9300". The files in the phone are displayed in a list with titles, dates, file sizes, and so on. You are allowed to play them using the buttons at the bottom. Finally, tick the ones that are to be stored and press the button with the tab "Save selected videos to PC.

Do a Backup of Samsung Videos

Part Two: Use Mobile Transfer to Backup Samsung Videos

Mobile Transfer is a package for transferring data, backing up and restoring phones. With its intuitive interface, the software can be handled effortlessly.

Step 1.Download Mobile Transfer and Connect the Samsung Phone
If you are a Windows user, tap the button on the left. And a Mac user should click the right button. Make sure that you have the version for your system.

Down WinDown Mac

Open the program and this colorful window can be seen. Select "Back Up Your Phone" which is light blue. Next, get your handset connected to the computer.

Save Samsung Video Files to PC

Step 2.Store the Videos Files on PC
On the left side you should see your phone. It is rather easy to understand what this window means: the PC is on the right, meaning the data will be copy to it; and the box in the middle shows the kinds that you can operate on. Choose "Videos" and click "Start Copy". Then, wait for a few minutes and tap "OK" when it is finished.

Store Videos from Samsung to Videos

Down WinDown Mac

Choose the way that you like most because both of them works well. Is this what you need? Do not hesitate to leave us comments if you have any opinions. We will take them seriously and do the best we can to solve your problem.