How to Convert AVI Video File to Samsung Galaxy Phone
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How to Convert AVI to Samsung Galaxy

"I can't seem to play any .avi file on my S3? Is there an app that I need to install before I can play it?" said a Samsung user. This problem is quite familiar to Samsung users who want to play their AVI video on their Samsung Galaxy. In the past, there seems to have no solution for this problem. But now, a popular app called Android Video Converter is now welcomed by most of Samsung Galaxy users who have this kind of problem.

Android Video Converter is a worth-using app that can help you convert your AVI video to any format that applicable to your Samsung Galaxy (S3/S4/Note2/Note3). It is of high-efficiency that the conversion last just for a while. It is not time-wasting at all. It can also complete the conversion automatically, what you need to do is to click the "Convert" button and wait. Let's get down to the fact now.

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How to Convert AVI Video to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Add AVI File to Android Video Converter
Click "Add File" button or just drag and drop the AVI file into the interface to add AVI files into the Android Video Converter.


Step 2. Select the Output Format and Your Phone Model
Click the "Output Format" and select the supported format. Then go to "Device" to pick out your phone model, for example, Samsung Galaxy S4, which is now very popular.


Step 3. Begin the Conversion on Your PC
After you have chosen the output format and phone model, you can move on to convert the video. 
Click the "Convert" button, the converter will transfer the video automatically. 
When the conversion accomplished, use the USB cable to connect your PC with your Samsung Galaxy to import the converted video into your Galaxy.

The steps above are quite simple, isn't it? So long as you operate according to the above steps, you canconvert your AVI to your Galaxy easily. It can help you convert the precious video that can't be played on your Galaxy before, for the format of the video is not supported. Now there is no need to worry about that. Just use our Android Video Converter. It will help you solve the problem of this kind. 

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