How to Convert Video to Samsung Phones
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How to Convert Video to Samsung Phones

Nowadays many of Samsung phones users prefer watching video directly via their mobile devices for convenience. With the help of smartphones, users are able to enjoy wonderful audios and videos whenever they want and wherever they go. Recently Samsung phones have been becoming more and more powerful. People not only can watch videos, listen to music, but also can use other functional Apps designed for Samsung mobile. All of these functions brings you fantastic enjoyment of digital life. However, things are not perfect. People may get into trouble when watch videos or audios via Samsung devices because only few video formates are supported by phones. 

Android Video Converter is a useful applicant to help solve this kind of problem. As a stable and comprehensive multi-format video converter software, it is available for converting video to different devices and is very easy to use. By using Android Video Converter, you can transfer videos into appropriate formats you need and make it compatible for Samsung device. 

So are you still feeling confused about how to transfer video to Samsung phones? Let us tell you how to make it.

How to convert video to Samsung mobiles?

Step 1. Download Android Video Converter and finish installation 
Take the free download version app for you computer below. After downloading, install and run it on your computer. 

       download-win         download-mac

Step 2. Add videos to the Android Video Converter
Tick the button add-files-button on the main menu on the left. Then, a window will pop up, showing the information about files on your PC. Select those videos you want to convert. Then,  you'll see videos shown as thumbnails. If you need convert videos in batch, drag and drop operations enables you to do it quickly.


Step 3. Choose one of Samsung models as the output format
This app particularly designs each output format for the main models of Samsung mobiles. After conversion, the converted video files will be completely compatible with the device.
Pay attention to Output Format panel on the right side of the window, then click the format image there. Tick the "Device" category, you will see "Samsung" sub-category and also many other models of smartphones. Click "Samsung", now you can choose one of these popular Samsung devices. Here we takeSamsung Galaxy S IV as an example.


Step 4. Transfer videos to Samsung device
After import of your wanted videos and selection of the output format for Galaxy S4, you just click "Convert"at the bottom-right corner of the interface to start video conversion. Keep waiting for a few minutes, the software is making your videos compatible with your Samsung device. After conversion, press the "Open Folder" to locate the videos. The final step is transferring them to your Samsung phone via cable.


By following the 4 steps we show you, you can finish transfer of videos. You'll find these videos can be played on Galaxy S4 without any trouble. You can also convert videos to other models of smartphones via Android Video Converter such as iPhone or Motorola. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving messages.

       download-win         download-mac