How to Download Free Apps for Galaxy S4 Android Phone Directly
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How to Download Free Apps for Galaxy S4 Android Phone Directly

The guide is to show you how to download free Apps to your Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 directly with the Wondershare MobileGo for Android in a simple, quick way step by step.

When I was a green hand of smart phone, I would install the apps to my phone after downloading them to my PC first. You known it is a waste of time and need a lot of complicated operations. Actually, there is a method we can resort to, which allows you to finish the installing task directly and quickly. Then you can save your valuable time to do other meaningful things of your life.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android is a smart phone manager, which helps you to download the free apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 or other Android phones directly. The MobileGo for Android built-in Google play choice will make you find out the apps you want quickly and conveniently. And the Android manager – MobileGo for Android also has the function of getting the apps to the certain folder of your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone spontaneously. Therefore, you are no longer plagued by the boring operating sequences.

Please download the free trial version of this program and have a try to download apps for Galaxy S4 directly.

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How can we download the apps of Android directly to the Samsung Galaxy S4? Now let’s see how the Wondershare MobileGo for Android works through the following steps. Remember to download the smart Android manager first.

Step 1. Launch and connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with your PC

Here we must begin with opening the manager on PC after installing it. Then connect Android Galaxy S4 with your PC by using a USB cable. Here you also can choose to use a Wi-Fi to finish the connecting if your computer runs Windows operating system. The software will find your Android Galaxy S4 phone automatically and show the whole files in the primary window.
Galaxy S4 apps Downloader
Note: Wondershare MobileGo for Android applies to 200 + Android phones models, including any new phone just released, such as Samsung Galaxy S4 ect.

Step 2. Download the apps you want for Galaxy S4

Input the address of your primary app website to the “Online Resources” in the left column. If you don’t have a preference choice, you can find the apps you want in the Google play. There are a lot of available apps in it and you can find the ones you need. Click the “Google Play Apps” button first, then the home page will be shown in the right part of the window. Check the one you want and tick “Install”. Finally, tick “Download” button in the left bottom and the apps start to be download to the phone directly for your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Download apps for android
Make sure that your Galaxy S4 is connected to the program during the download. After all those steps above, check the apps is on your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.
There are other notable functions of the software about 
Wondershare MobileGo for Android here. You can use it to delete photo library with just 1 minute. And you also can add photos to your photo library. I am sure you need this smart program to make you life easily.

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