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How to Erase the Samsung Phones Completely

There are a lot of models of the Samsung phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 4. These phones were released not very long ago, but after long-term service, the phones will become more and more slowly in performance, which makes you consider about buying a new one.

In fact, you can make your old phone perform as excellently as a brand-new one by some simple operation, for example, erasing all the data files on your old Samsung phone. After a complete spring clean, you will find it feel wonderful to have a phone like the one on your hand.

Let’s cut the long story to a short one. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to erase the Samsung phones completely in the following passages.

First of all, you need to have a third party to help you. You may say, it is easy to delete all the data files from the Samsung phone without any tools. But this notion is actually kind of wrong. Although some data files can be easily deleted with the phone itself, almost all the data files deleted will still be stored on your phone until overwritten by some other data files, and some harmful data files are hard to be found by the phone. So it is important to have a third party Samsung Data Eraser tool to help you.

And then, I would like to introduce a nice third party — the Wondershare MobileTrans to you. The Wondershare MobileTrans is a tool with multiple functions including:
MobileTrans 4 [Windows]

  • 1.Transfer: It can help you directly transfer the data files from one device to another one. And the data files supported includes the contacts, call logs, messages, photos, audio files, videos, apps and so on.
  • 2.Back up: It can help you create a backup file of your device and then store it on your computer.
  • 3.Restore: It can help you restore the backup files which are not only the Kies backup files (the ones that you created with this tool), but also the iTunes backup files and the iCloud backup files and so on.
  • 4.Erase: It can help you erase all the personal data files on your device. It is useful especially when you are considering about sell your phone or when you want to improve the performance of it.

As for the devices supported, this tool is compatible with the iOS devices, Android phones and so on. All the Samsung phones we talked about above are compatible. And the computers supported include the Window computer and the Mac one.

Steps to Erase Samsung Phone Data with MobileTrans Completely

  • Step 1. Download the Wondershare MobileTrans on your Windows computer or Mac computer. And then open this tool on your computer.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

  • Step 2. Connect your Samsung phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  • MobileTrans for Windows

  • Step 3. Go to the “Erase Your Old Phone” function on the primary window. Soon after that, the Wondershare MobileTrans will detect your Samsung phone and show it on the screen.
  • Erase Samsung Phone

  • Step 4. Click on “Erase Now” button on the lower right after you read all the words above it.
  • Step 5. You will be asked to input the word “delete” to confirm that you want to erase the data files. And then tap on the “Start to Erase” button to start the erasing process.
  • erase all data on Samsung

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)