How to Export/Transfer/Copy iPhone Ringtones to Mac Computer Free
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How to Export / Transfer / Copy iPhone Ringtones to Mac Computer

Copying ringtones from iPhone to Mac can help you put the ringtones to iTunes library, or back up them on Mac for sharing with others or website. Unfortunately, you can't copy the ringtones from iPhone to Mac directly. So there are many iPhone users put forward some relevant problems about how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to Mac. The problems as follows:

* How do you export iPhone ringtones to your Mac computer?
* Is there a method for me to export my ringtones from iPhone to my Mac?
* How do I get ringtones from my new iPhone 4S on to my Mac Book Pro?

To make it simple, you are highly recommended using iStonsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer, which offers a flexible way to transfer music, videos, photos, books, ringtones from iPhone to Mac for backup in case your multimedia files are lost or sharing with others. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily copy iPhone ringtones to Mac without any computer knowledge.

Following are the steps for you. Before that, please download and install iStonsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer on your Mac.

transfer ringtones from iphone to mac free

Note: This is specially designed for Mac users. For Windows users, please check: transfer iPhone ringtones to computer.


Guide: Copy Ringtones from iPhone to Mac OS X

Preparation: Connect your iPhone to your Mac and run the installed program. If the program doesn't show your iPhone, please click the "Refresh" button to search the device again.

1) Open the "Ringtones" library that you want to transfer.

2) Find the files you want to transfer and check them. See the picture below.

3) Click the Export button to start copying.

steps of how to copy and trasnfer iphone ringtones to mac os x

When finished, the following window will pop up. You can click the "Yes" button to open the output folder to check the files you exported. So easy!

finished to copy iphone ringtones to mac computer

From above tutorials, with the help of iStonsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer software, you can easily copy iPhone ringtones to Mac in the fast speed. Moreover, you can also export music from iPhone to Mac, move iPhone audio books to Mac and even transfer from iPhone to Mac for backup or sharing.

iStonsoft iPhone to Mac Transfer keeps compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, so if you have any iPod, iPad or iPhone device, this software is a must-have utility to keep your device safe.


What's the Next?

Download it free to copy and transfer ringtones from iPhone to Mac, as well as music, movies, photos, books, etc.