How to Play AVI Video Files on Nexus Android Phone
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How to Play AVI on Nexus

AVI is a multimedia container format used for Windows technology and introduced by Microsoft. It is one of the most common formats of videos. However, many people can't find the way to directly play AVI on Nexus and complain that a lot of AVI videos can not be played on their Nexus mobile even they have installed some professional video players. This may be a restriction for those fans who are faithful to different videos, especially for Nexus users. Don't worry, Android Video Converter can help you solve the problem.

Android Video Converter is a multipurpose program specially created for working with video files. As a powerful video converter, this great app offers you an optimized presetting for Nexus directly. It will make your AVI files 100% compatible with your Nexus device. And also, this app allows you to edit the videos. Don't hesitate, now let's go and have a try.
First you should download and install the software.

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How to play AVI on Nexus

Step 1. Add AVI files to Android Video Converter
Double click the icon and launch the app. After entering the interface, hit the "Add Files" button on the top-left corner to add files.


Step 2. Choose the optimized presetting for Nexus as output format
Find the Output Format panel on the right, then click the "Device" tab. Check "others" subcatalog to select any of the Nexus devices . Just select Nexus 7 as the output format example.


Step 3. Convert AVI to Nexus mobile
By pressing "Convert" in the bottom right corner of the window, you can start the video conversion. A few minutes later, you'll see a note prompting all of the videos have been converted.


Eventually, simply press "Open Folder" at the bottom and find the transferred videos. Then drag these files from the output folder to the device after connecting your Nexus device to PC via USB cable. 

Follow our guide, and you can soon convert your videos and enjoy the wonderful media on your Nexus mobile. If you any suggestions for us, try contact with us by leaving messages.

       download-win         download-mac