How to Play MKV Video Files on Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tablet
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How to Play MKV on Samsung Galaxy

Most of you can enjoy AVI, MP4, MWV, MKV videos on Samsung Galaxy. But things happen when you faced with MKV videos, then you can’t play it. But MKV is a popular video format nowadays. You can find many high quality videos saved in this format. But how can we play MKV video on Samsung Galaxy? This question Confused many people. In fact, it is very simple to solve it. You can use Android Video Converter to transfer the video, and then you can play the video with MKV format on your Samsung Galaxy.

Android Video Converter can convert any video with MKV format to the format suitable for Samsung Galaxy. Is it complicated to operate? Of course not, you will find it is so simple. Just 4 steps, then you can convert the video to Samsung Galaxy. You can download Android Video Converter to your computer firstly.

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After download the software, just do as the procedure tells you.

How to change MKV to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Load the MKV video to Android Video Converter
Click “Add Files” on the top left of the interface, find the video you want to convert. You 

Step 2. Choose the right phone format
Find the “Output Format” on the right interface, and choose “device”. Then you can see many choices of different catalogue. Hit “Samsung” to find the right Galaxy.


Step 3. Start converting MKV to Samsung Galaxy
Click “Convert” on the right button, just wait until the item becomes green. That means you have finished. You can find the files by clicking “Open Folder” on the middle button.


It is so easy to get converting MKV to Samsung Galaxy. And you will find that Android Video Converter can convert video to other Android phones. It is so great to enjoy any format video on smartphones.

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