How to Play WMA Video Files on Nexus
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How to Play WMA on Nexus

Nowadays, many Nexus users surf the Internet to in search of the solution of their problem - How to play WMA on Nexus? There may be several ways. Today I will show you the simplest and time-saving method. This method can help you convert your WMA video to the compatible format to your Nexus phone, such asGalaxy Nexus, Google Nexus, LG Nexus, and so on. You will find that it is an available app that you hate to part with it once you try it. It is wise for you to have a try wait this Android Video Converter.

Android Video Converter is an available app that can help you transfer your WMA video to the compatible format to your Nexus phone. Some people may wonder how long it will take of the conversion. Take it easy, it is of high-efficiency, you just need to begin the conversion, and do other things that you like. For just a moment, your conversion accomplished. Also, the steps to convert the video are simple. So long as you listen to the instructions carefully, you will succeed in the conversion.

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How to Convert WMA Video to Nexus 7

Step 1. Import WMA Video into the Converter
Click the "Add Files" button to lead-in WMA video that needs to be transferred into the converter. Or you can drag and drop the video files that you want to have it converted into the interface.


Step 2. Choose the Output Format that You Want and Find the Nexus Phone Model
Android Video Converter can convert many formats of the video, so there are many choices when you want to select the output format. Be careful and browse the "Output format" list .Choose one of the formats which is applicable to your phone. Then, select your Nexus Model after clicking "Device" button.


Step 3. Begin the Conversion by Clicking "Convert"
After two steps above, you have come to the last step. In this step, you just need to click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. The conversion will last only little time. So it won't bother you at all. You can do other things while it is converting automatically. A process bar will show you how long will the conversion last.
After the conversion accomplished successfully, you need to connect the PC with your Nexus via cable to load the converted video into your Nexus phone.

Well done, after you operate the conversion according to the instructions above, you have finish converting your video. You can have your WMA video play on your Nexus phone freely now. Enjoy your converted video, please. If you have any problem on the Android Video Converter or on Nexus phone, don't hesitate to let us know. We will do whatever we can to solve your problem.

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