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How to Play iTunes Music on Nexus

Nowadays, the problem of playing iTunes Music on Nexus becomes a heat topic among Nexus users. They are complaining that their iTunes music fail to be played on their Google Nexus, Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus, etc.. The mainly cause is that iTunes is designed by Apple Company so it is compatible to iOS operating system only. On the contrary, Google Nexus runs Android OS. So it is impossible to play iTunes music on Nexus unless you have Android Video Converter to convert your music to the compatible format to your Nexus phone.

Android Video Converter is a tool that you can convert your iTunes music to MP3 format which is compatible to Nexus phone. Compare to other video converter, Android Video Converter has a higher conversion speed, you merely need to download it to your computer and then follow the steps. The converter will help you convert your music just for a while. Next, I will show you how to transfer your music to the compatible format to your Nexus phone.

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How to Convert iTunes Music on Nexus 10

Step 1. Import Music Files to the Converter
In this step, you are required to import the music file that you want it to be converted. Run Android Video Converter and then click the button "Add files" to add the music files. Or, you can open your music folder and drag directly what you want into the interface of the converter.


Step 2. Choose the Phone Model of Your Nexus
You will be asked to select an output format and your phone model. As most Nexus users will know, MP3 is compatible to your Nexus phone. So what you need to do is to select MP3 as the output format. Then you can move on to choose your phone model. Suppose you are a Galaxy Nexus user, click the "Device" button, and then "Samsung". You will see your phone number after that.


Step 3. Begin to Convert Music Files to Your Nexus
As you have selected the output format and your device model, you can move on to the last and easiest step. In this step, you just need to click "Convert" button and the app will convert your music automatically. The process bar will show you how the conversion is going. After the conversion accomplished, use the USB cable to lead-in the converted music to your Nexus and you can enjoy your time listening to the music.

Amazing, isn't it? Only three steps can help you helps you overcome the obstacle to play music from iTunes to Nexus in such a short time. This useful app can bring you so much convenience. Download Android Video Converter to have a try. If you have any problem about using your Nexus, contact us.

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