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How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

I have read an article about how we can protect our phones, so I clean my phone every four months. In this way, I delete all the inessential data like the photos, audios, videos, messages and call logs, so that there would be more space for new ones and it makes my phone more organized. Usually, I will transfer the important data to my computer first, before I erase my phone. But sometimes, I just forget to check them all and some of the important ones are gone.

I think there are also some of you have encountered such experiences, for example:

1.Accidentally delete data on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge phone
For example, if you have a toddler who is clever and likes to play your phone, then you need to be careful in case he or she selects all the data on your phone and click “DELETE”.

2.Accidentally delete data while transferring on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
It happens more often than you think, especially when you are transferring with an erratic tool.

3.Accidentally delete data because of a factory setting
To get your phone reset to keep it from corrupting sounds great, but you must create a backup file before that.

Luckily, the data you deleted will remain on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for a while, as long as you don’t overwrite it. Just stop doing everything on your phone after you delete data by mistake. So it is possible to recover it with samsung Galaxy Note Edge Recovery Tool  Dr.Fone for Android.

Dr.Fone for Android is an application specializing in recovering data from Android devices, and there are over 2000 kinds of Android devices it is compatible with. Here is a tutorial for your reference to recover lost content from your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Step 1. Download and install Dr.Fone for Android on your computer. And then run it and go on to the next step.

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)

Step 2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to your computer with USB cable. Soon, it will be detected by the application. If it asks you to enable the USB debugging, you can just follow the guidance on the primary window, which is understandable. After that you should reconnect your Samsung.

Dr.Fone for Android Phone
Step 3. Now, turn to your Samsung and click on “Allow” to grant your authorization to Dr.Fone.

Step 4. On the primary window of Dr.Fone, choose the target files and start to scan for the deleted data. You may have to take a short break, and the waiting time is according to the scale the files that you choose.

Step 5. Now the Dr.Fone will show you all the data it find on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, both the deleted ones and the exiting ones. Surely, you can separate them by turning on the option “Only display deleted items”.

Step 6. All the data files are recoverable. And you can preview them one by one if you want to know the details of them. Then check the one you want and click on “Recover” to start recovering from Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Finally, you will find them come back!

Download MobileTrans (Windows Version)Download MobileTrans (Mac Version)