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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

"Last night I unintentionally deleted my mobile phone data, but recognized that I should've do a new backup. Wonder if there is any way for me to recover the deleted text messages from my Samsung Galaxy S7. Thanks in advance." —Jonathan

You can use Android Data Recovery. It can help you restore text messages on Android 2.3 or latter. The situation above is not the only one it can be applied to. More cases, caused by rooting failure, ROM flashing failure, deletion and other unknown reasons , have all being taken into consideration by the designers.

Android Data Recovery is an excellent tool used for data recovery. Text message is one of the retrievable types. By the way, contacts, and call logs can also be recovered. Besides, most Android devices are supported: Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, One Plus and Huawei, to name a few.

Tips: What to Do After Data Loss and Why They Can Be Recovered?

Stop adding files like videos and photos immediately will do you good regarding text messages retrieving because those old data are still stored in the phone. This is quite like the situation on a computer. When a file is deleted, the space it used to take up is marked as blank, waiting for the next file to be stored in. So, yes, they can be restored with proper methods. But, once your new files write over them, the process is irreversible.

Tutorial 1: Recover Messages from Android with Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Have a Free Download and Connect Your Android to PC
Make sure your phone is left with over 20% power before you connect the phone and the computer.

Download Win Download Mac 

After you download and install the program, please launch it on your computer. Then confirm your OS version and enable USB debugging on your Android. When it is done, press "Start". 

Step 2. Tick File Types Which You Want to Restore
When you have done step 2, the software will ask you to choose what to scan. We can check Messaging and WhatsApp messages & attachments. And then click Next.

Select Data Model

Step 3. Allow the Superuser Request and Start to Scan
If you have root the Android device, the software may prompt that Android Data Recovery should be granted authority to continue Scanning. Then, tap Allow on your phone until it does not pop up again.

Tap Allow Until It Disappear

Step 4. View the Details and Retrieve Deleted Texts You Select
Messages can be preview in the interface. Highlight them and you will see the contents on the right side. Tick your lost SMS or simply all of them, and click Recover to restore lost text messages on your PC.

Retrieve Data to Computer

Note: In this way, it is possible to restore SMS from locked phones. But you'll need to go to "More Tools" first, following the steps in the link.

Tutorial 2: Make Sure That Your Messages Will Never Lose Again

Though we have methods to undelete text messages, it is still risky without a backup file. Three types of tools will be recommended here for your choices. 

Solution 1: SMS Backup & Restore

You can get SMS Backup & Restore by clicking on the link. With no doubt, it is one of the best, which works fast and displays its features in a straightforward manner. Everything you need, the buttons of "Backup" and "Restore" are all in the home screen.

Step 1. Click on the Backup Button
When you use the feature, there will be a pop-up asking you to confirm the file name for this copy. Change it if you want, otherwise, simply press "OK"

Backup Restore SMS

Step 2. View the Details
You can then use the button "View" and pick one of the files, see if there is anything wrong with it. If not, your text messages are then secured.

Solution 2: SMS Backup +

As for SMS Backup +, it has some unique feature, which is automatically backing up SMS, MMS and call logs to Gmail. It’s a good concept, but as some users have said, the app fails to meet their needs because sometimes new entries cannot trigger automatic backup and MMS messages cannot restore.

Still, it is proved useful by many people, and the operation is quite simply except that it only allows online backup. So, the process will not be described here. But if you have some problems, please leave a comment.

Solution 3: Android Manager

Android Manager is a great program which can save all you data including messages. When a phone is plugged in, you will be noticed to perform a backup if this hasn’t been done for a while. Also, messages can be sent with it on computer.

Download Win Download Mac

Step 1. Connect Your Phone to Computer
When the device is plugged in, drivers will be installed. And then you can see this interface, which shows the features and your phone. On the left side, file types are listed. Choose ""SMS".

Android Manager

Step 2. Pick Messages to Export
Tick the ones you need to save and use the button "Export". This is also an advantage that apps don’t have. Besides, dialogues are displayed on the right side, with a box for you to input and send text.