How to Recover iPhone Photos after iOS 7 Upgrading
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How to Recover iPhone Photos after iOS 7 Upgrading

As Apple Company has release iOS7 recently, many iPhone users upgrade their operating system from 6 to 7 for more newly function. But, what disappointed them most is that they find some of their precious data has gone. They become anxious as well as regret. Then, what to do? Some iPhone users may take their iPhone 5s/5c/5 to the Apple Store to ask for help. But I advise you not to do so, because they may ask you to wait for a long time and maybe they will charge you for several US Dollar. The most convenient way is to do it by yourself. How? What you need is a third-party recovery software. The one we recommend most is iPhone Data Recovery.

To recover iPhone photos after iOS7 upgrading is easy to solve because iPhone Data Recovery works in many complex situation. For example, if your iPhone was broken, water damaged, dead, stolen or there’s a crack on your screen, you can extract your data back. So it is of no difficulty to recover your deleted data back to your upgraded iPhone. iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover no matter you are iOS6 or iOS7. Next I will tell you how to restore iPhone pictures after upgrade your iPhone to iOS7 from iTunes backup file. Of course, you can also choose to scan your iPhone directly for lost photos.

Download the free trail version so that you can try it on your own. And read the instruction carefully for more details.


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Next, let's take iPhone Data Recovery (Mac) for example. It's pretty the same for you to use the Windows version. You can also take similar steps to extract the backup file on your Windows computer.

Steps to Recover Precious iPhone Photos after iOS 7 Upgrade


Step 1. Select your backup file and start scanning 
Install and run iPhone Data Recovery on your Mac. Then select “Recover from iTunes backup file”. All backup files will be found and listed automatically. There will be more than one backup file if you ever do iTunes backup before. Just choose the one that you want to restore this time and click the button “Start Scan”.

Recover iPhone Photos from iOS 7

Step 2. Recover photos lost from your iOS 7 iDevice
As the scan finish, all your files was scanned out and displayed in categories. You can display them one by one. However, the files that not only that were deleted but also that already existed in your iPhone, you can neglect the ones existed by sliding to the top of the interface and tick “Only display the deleted files”. Lastly, tick all the deleted iPhone photos that you want back and click “Recover” at the bottom right corner of the interface. 
Restore iPhone Photos after iOS7 Upgrading 
Warm prompt: To avoid this kind of problem of happening again, you can do iTunes backup with your iPhone from time to time. You can also find the related article which shows you the way on how to recover iPhone photos after iOS 7 upgrading from iCloud backup file with the help of iPhone Data Recovery.

You may be extremely surprised that it is so easy for you to use iPhone Data Recovery to extract your lost iPhone pictures, notes, videos, contacts, call history, bookmarks, and so on.


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