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How to Transfer Contacts / Music / Photos from HTC to iPhone 5S

I bet you have noticed that almost every person around you are using iPhone 5S. To catch up with the fad, you may want to drop your old HTC phone to get a new iPhone 5S. The problem is how to transfer the contacts, photos, music from your old HTC phone to your new iPhone 5S, because they work in totally different operating systems. As it is universally known, HTC runs in Android and iPhone 5S runs in iOS 7. So how can we deal with such data transfer problem from HTC to iPhone 5S?

Here, I strongly recommend you Wondershare MobileTrans, a very powerful third-party HTC to iPhone 5S tool for data transfer. Just three steps, you can sync your contacts, music, photos from your HTC phone to iPhone 5S easily and safely.

Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version

Are you ready to try it? Then let’s go!

Step 1: Launch the HTC to iPhone 5S contacts transfer app on computer

Firstly, install the HTC phone to iPhone 5S data transfer program – Wondershare MobileTrans and run it. Before transferring HTC phone contacts to iPhone 5S, please remember to install iTunes on your computer. If not, install it.
htc to iPhone 5s transfer

Step 2: Connect HTC phone and iPhone 5S to computer

When it works, connect your old HTC phone and new iPhone 5S to your computer. Once you connect your phones, Wondershare MobileTrans will detect them in a second. Then you will see one phone is in the place of “Source” and another one is in the place of “Destination”. If you want to clear the phone (the destination phone) before copy, you can try “Clear data before Copy”.
htc to iphone 5s
Note: If you would like to exchange the place of HTC phone and iPhone 5S, the rectangle button “Flip” can help you easily.

Step 3: Transfer your contacts from HTC phone to iPhone 5S

Make sure you have finished the last two steps. If you want to sync only contacts between the two phones, remember to remove the marks before music and photos. Then you can click “Start Copy” to transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone 5S. During this progress, please keep both of your phones connected with computer. When the transfer is finished, remember to click “OK”.
contacts from htc to iphone 5s
As you see, you can also transfer music or photos from your old HTC phone to new iPhone 5S in the same way.

After these three steps above, you have transferred contacts from your HTC to your iPhone 5S. Isn’t that easy? And now you can enjoy your new iPhone 5S with the original contacts. Only with one single click, you can solve such a troublesome problem. Besides, you can transfer various data between different phones. It supports a large amount of devices based on Android, Symbian and iOS.

Why not go for a shot now? Download the free trial version of the HTC to iPhone 5S data transfer  Wondershare MobileTrans to have a try.

Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version