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How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Moto X

With the help of a wonderful Android to Moto X data transfer tool, you can easily transfer contacts from Android phone to new Moto X phone with just 1-click.

You may say it is easy to transfer data between two Android phones since they are based on the same operating system. You only say it half right. But have you ever considered about other risks? If you use some other third-party data transfer tools, you may suffer data loss. No one wants to encounter such privacy loss, right? So I strongly recommend you a very easy-to-use and safe data transfer tool, Wondershare MobileTrans.

Wondershare MobileTrans has some special and powerful features. It supports over 2,000 mobile devices If you transfer between two phones based on Android, it supports contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, apps and call logs. If you transfer from one phone (based on iOS) to another (based on Android), it supports contacts, messages, photos, music, videos. As for Android, iOS and Symbian to iOS, it supports contacts, photos, music. Android, iOS and Symbian to Symbian, it supports contacts.

Want to have a try? Then just follow three steps below, you will find it really awesome. To make copying contacts from Android to Moto X process go on, please download Wondershare MobileTrans at the very beginning.

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Step 1: Launch the easy-to-use Android to Moto X transfer tool on your computer

Install Wondershare MobileTrans and launch it on your computer.
Android to MOTO X Contact Transfer

Step 2: Connect Android phone and Moto X to your computer

android to moto x contacts transfer
Then get both of your Android phone and Moto X connected to your computer via two USB cables. This Android contacts to Moto X data transfer tool will detect your devices as soon as possible and display them on the main window. Then you will notice that Android phone appears at the place of “Source”, and the other shows up at the place of “Destination”. If you want to change the places of your two devices, just click “Flip”. Also, you can activate the mark before “Clear data before copy” to make room for your destination phone if you need to. If not, you can just leave it alone.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from Android phone to Moto X phone

Before you get started transferring contacts from Android to Moto X phone, don’t forget to tick off the marks before SMS, music, videos, apps, call logs and photos. When you are ready to do data transfer, click “Start Copy” and it will work automatically. Please keep in mind that you have to always get both of your devices connected with your computer during this whole process of Android contacts to Moto X transferring, or something worse may happen.
contacts from android to moto x
Once it is finished, just click “OK” to end it. And then you can enjoy your contacts on your new Moto X. It is really easy, isn’t it? Also, with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans, you will never suffer any data loss or damage. Just a single click, you can do data transfer from Android to Moto X phone safely and quickly. Don’t tell me you haven’t been interested in it.

Seeing is believing. You know you want to try it by yourself. So don’t hesitate. Download Wondershare MobileTrans now.

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