How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone
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How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone
I've got a brand-new iPhone 5s and can't wait to transfer all my contacts from my computer, where I backuped my contacts before. But since the contacts are too many to edit them one after another, I don't think that it's easy thing for me to copy them to my new iPhone. I tried iTunes and Outlook, but they are too complex for me. Is there an easier way to copy my contacts from computer to iPhone?

It's clear that there are more than one way to transfer contacts between computer and iPhone. You can manage to transfer them via a suitable tool, like TunesGo. This mighty tool enables you to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone easily without a hassle. It's compatible with vCard file, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Windows Address Book. It meets various needs of contact transfer.
TunesGo – transfer contacts between computer and iPhone

TunesGo is capable to import your contacts from computer to iPhone. Download this handy tool by clicking the button and follow the guide below.


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Step 1 Install TunesGo software on your computer
Install the computer to TunesGo software on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. The transfer will detect your iPhone model and show its information on the main window as the sample below.
iPhone photo transfer
Note: You should have iTunes installed on your computer to ensure that the transfer process runs well.

Step 2 Copy contacts from computer to iPhone
Click the “Contacts” tab in the left column. The contact management window will be displayed. Click “Import/Export” button on the top line, choose “Import contacts from computer” when the pull-down list shows.

Select from which you want to import your contacts. For example, you can choose “From vCard file”. When the file browser window appears, you can choose the file that contains contacts. Then the program will copy the contacts from computer to iPhone.
transfer contacts from computer to iphone
When it's done, you can check the contacts in the contact management window. You can delete the duplicate contacts on your iPhone by clicking “De-duplicate”. Choose a match type and select the duplicate contacts you want to merge. Hit the “Merge Selected” at the low right corner. That's it! All the contacts are well transferred.
merge duplicate contacts
With this mighty tool, you can transfer and manage contacts from computer to iPhone easily. If you decide to buy a new iPhone, you can also transfer contacts from iPhone to computer before you sell the old one.


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