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How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Moto X Phone

Wondershare Nokia to Moto X data transfer here, the easiest & safest way to transfer contacts from Nokia to Moto X phone. Want to learn more? Just keep reading and you’ll find the answer.

Getting tired of Symbian operating system? Feeling not cool using Nokia phone? Perhaps you have decided to abandon Symbian of Nokia and join the club of Moto X phone, which is based on Android OS 4.2, but encounter the problem of copying contacts from your old Nokia phone to your new Moto X. Since many people have more than 300 contacts, if you want to copy the contacts one by one it will take so much time. So here, I am about to recommend you a very incredible data transfer tool – Wondershare MobileTrans, which is capable to transfer data from Nokia to Moto X easily and safely. With just one single click, all your contacts on your Nokia will be transferred to your new Moto X phone. Don’t you believe it? Then just follow some steps below, you will see.

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Step 1: Run Wondershare MobileTrans on your PC

At the very beginning, download Wondershare MobileTrans on your computer. When you finish downloading, just install and run it.
Nokia to MOTO X Contact Transfer

Step 2: Connect your Nokia and Moto X with your PC

After running the Nokia contacts to Moto X transfer tool, connect both of your Nokia phone and Moto X with your computer. Your phones will be displayed on the primary window once they are detected by MobileTrans. One phone will show up on the left, another will be shown on the right. If you need to empty your destination phone, just click the button “Clear data before copy”. If not, just let it alone. As for the button “Flip”, it can help you to switch the places of your phones. Plus, this data transfer tool supports all the Nokia phones with Symbian S40 and S60.
nokia to moto x contacts transfer

Step 3: Copy contacts from your Nokia to Moto X

Then here comes the key process of transferring contacts from Nokia to Moto X in batch. As you can see on the primary window, there is a green button “Start Copy”. Click it and the tool will get started transferring automatically. All you need to do then is just sit there and wait a few seconds before it is finished. During this whole process, please insure that the phones are always connected with your computer. When it is done, click “OK” to end it.
contacts from symbian to moto x
Now, you can check all your contacts on your Moto X. You will notice that it also copied job title, email addresses and company information. With only one single click, you can transfer data from your Nokia phone to Moto X. Isn’t that easy and time-saving?

What’s more, Wondershare MobileTrans applies to over 2,000 tablets and phones, like iOS, Symbian and Android. It supports transferring any data between your any two devices. Besides, there are still more powerful and amazing functions waiting for you to discover.

So don’t hesitate to download Wondershare MobileTrans. It will be the best third-party Nokia to Moto X data transfer tool you have ever used! You know you have been impressed by it.

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