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How to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to Moto X

The new Moto X makes us exciting. At the same time, we may also encounter a problem: how to mass transfer all contacts from our old Android, Nokia and iPhone to the new Moto X directly? With the professional Contacts to Moto X transfer program, you can complete the job easily.

The Motorola Inc released the first smart phone after was purchased by Google. The new Moto X, which is thought as the true adversaries, has many new features you will fall in love with:

  • You can choose the mobile telephone shell for your Moto X with the color and material you like, which is so humanity.
  • The function of touchless control enables you to rouse and operate your Moto X through the voice command “Okay, Google Now”. The special function also works when your phone is locked in standby.
  • The built-in sensor enables you to check the time, messages and notice by flipping and turning the Moto X cellphone.

To employ the new smart Moto X and share the good news with your friends, you ought to transfer contacts to Moto X eagerly. Thus, you need to turn to a professional Contacts to Moto X transfer tool for help if you don’t want to type in one by one manually.

Here is a good and professional tool for you to do the transfer, which is called Wondershare MobileTrans for Moto X. No matter whether your old phone is iPhone, Android or Nokia, you can turn to the tool for help trustingly. In the following passage, I will show you detailed steps to transfer contacts to new Moto X directly. In addition to transfer contacts, you can also transfer other files you like such as video, music and phone from your old smart phone in just one click!




We now offer you free trial version to have a try. Please download the tool and then install it on your computer. Please then run it by double clicking. Then just follow me to have a try now!


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Step 1: Start MobileTrans for Moto X & connect both phones to PC

Contacts to MOTO X Transfer

When launch the tool, you will see a starting window on your computer, please connect both your Moto X and your old phone (Android, Nokia or iPhone) to your computer via USB cables. The tool will start to detect your devices immediately and then display your two devices in the starting window. You can see your Moto X in the “Destination” place and your old phone in “Source“, if not, please click “Flip” to make a change.
contacts to moto x

Step 2: Transfer contacts from old phone to Moto X

In the left side column of the starting window, you can see all file types. In order to transfer contacts, please select the icon “Contacts” to transfer contacts between your Moto X and your old phone. Then please just click “Start Copy” to start the process.
contacts from old phone to moto x
Note: You ought to keep your two devices connected to your computer during the whole process to ensure the success of the task.

You just need to wait for a few minutes for the process. After this, you can check all contacts on your new Moto X and share all messages with your friends. Don’t you think the tool very useful?

In addition to transfer contacts to Moto X, you can see many other file types such as video, music and photos in the starting window, you can also transfer these files in just one click. The professional tool deserves your possess. Just let the friendly companion MobileTrans for Moto X help you!

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