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How to Transfer Contacts from Symbian phone to Moto X

When you switch your old Symbian phone to new Motorola Moto X, the professional Symbian to Moto X contacts transfer program is your needed.

There is nothing worse than using Symbian phone while your friends have a latest Android OS phone. You may not bear such an awkward situation and want to join the club of Android OS. Moto X may be your first choice since it is the newest phone released recently. Although to change a phone is easy, it is not easy as well to transfer the contacts between two devices based on different operating system. Still feel confused about it? Actually, you don’t have to feel so. Here is a wonderful Symbian to Moto X data transfer tool can help you out.

It is Wondershare MobileTrans, which is capable to transfer contacts from Symbian phone to Android phone quickly and easily for totally unrestricted. No matter you have heard about it or not, you will be impressive for it. Just follow some steps below. You will see how fantastic this tool is.

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Step 1: Install and launch the Symbian to Moto X contacts transfer tool

At the very beginning, please download Wondershare MobileTrans and install it on your computer. After finishing installation, launch it.
Symbian to MOTO X Contacts Transfer

Step 2: Connect Symbian phone and Moto X with your PC

symbian to moto x contacts transfer
Then connect both of your Symbian phone and Moto X with your PC via USB cables. The devices will be detected by Wodnershare MobileTrans once they get connected. And then you will notice that your phones are shown at the places of “Source” and “Destination”. The “Flip” button can help, if you want to switch the places of your deivces. Also, if you need to make room for your Moto X before transferring, you can click “Clear data before copy”. There is one thing you may like to know that this data transfer tool applies to Symbian S40 and S60.

Step 3: Transfer Symbian contacts to Moto X phone

Remember to remove marks before music, photos and videos before you do contacts transfer from Symbian phone to Moto X. Then you can click “Start Copy” to get started and it will work automatically. Please keep both your phones connected with your PC during this whole process. When it is finished, click “OK” to end it.
contacts from symbian to moto x

See, you have successfully transferred your contacts from your Symbian phone to your new Moto X. With only one single click for a time, you can transfer contacts. Isn’t that easy and quick? Now, you can browse through your contacts on your Moto X. You will find that it also transferred job title, email addresses and company information. Really powerful, right?

What’s more, Wondershare MobileTrans supports transferring a large amount of additional data, such as SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and even apps. Plus, it applies to over 2,000 mobile devices, no matter it is based on Symbian, Android, or iOS. Yes, the number is 2,000. You did’t get it wrong.

You know you have already been attracted to Wondershare MobileTrans. So why not just download it and experience such a wonderful tool by yourself now?

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