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How to Transfer Music from Mac to Android
For the most part, people are either Apple people or not. If you see someone with an iPhone, it’s usually a safe assumption that they use a Mac. However, some people don't fit neatly into that box, because they haven’t conformed to one way of doing things. The most common variant of this is the iPhone user who prefers Windows, but we've also come across a surprising number of people with MacBooks and Android phones.

For whatever reason, someone has a Mac and an Android, and they don’t always know how to make them play nice together. These renegade users can run into trouble, especially when trying to transfer media files, such as their music, from their computer to their phone, or vice-versa. Unlike the iPhone/Windows people who have iTunes to ease such syncing, Android/Mac folks generally rely on a USB cable and a prayer. Unfortunately, they're too often left with a Mac that won’t recognize the connected Android, and no idea what to do next.

Perhaps an Android Transfer that may help you to transfer music from Mac to Android in a convenient way. Check and follow the tutorial below.
Android Transfer – alternative music transfer on Mac

You can use Android Transfer to copy music between Mac and Android phone without using other fancy methods. Click and download it below.


Download MacDownload Win

Step 1 Connect your Android device to Mac
Connect your Android phone or tablet to Mac via a USB cable. The Android Transfer will detect your Android phone or tablet in seconds. The information of your phone will be displayed as below.
Android music transfer
Step 2 Copy music from Mac to Android
Click the Music tab at the left column, click Add on the menu bar. Choose Add music files from Mac. Then navigate and select the songs you want to transfer to your phone.
transfer mac music to android
That's it. Only two steps, you can copy every single music you want from your Mac to Android phone. You could find more function of it. Download it below!


Download MacDownload Win