How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPod
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How to Transfer Music from iPod Shuffle to iPod touch
I have an old iPod shuffle and I am planning on getting an iPod touch since I got good grades. But I don't want to re-buy my songs over again. So is there a way I can transfer the music from my shuffle to the iPod touch?

When people talk about music transfer between iPods, iTunes might be the first choice. Sure, iTunes can make it when all music on your iPod shuffle is also in the iTunes library. However, when you use iTunes to transfer music from iPod shuffle to another iPod, all the music on the other iPod will be removed before syncing new songs to it. Therefore, another user-friendly tool is needed. Perhaps TunesGo would be a good choice for you.

TunesGo is an easy-to-use tool that provides another way to transfer music from iPod Shuffle to iPod touchwithout losing any songs. It's made for transferring and organizing music, videos and photos on your iPod touch and iPod shuffle. You can use it on various iPod models.
TunesGo – easily transfer music between iPods

This mighty tool empowers you to transfer music between iPods. Follow the guides below so that you can finish the transferring in two steps.


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Step 1 Connect iPod shuffle and touch to the computer
After launching the TunesGo, connect both iPod shuffle and iPod touch to the same via USB cables. The transfer will detect their models and show their info in the primary window as the sample below.
TunesGo main window
Step 2 Copy music from iPod shuffle to iPod touch
You can see both of your iPods on the left column if you connect them correctly. Then click the “Media” button under iPod shuffle section. Click the “Music” button to open the music management window. Select the songs that you want to transfer to iPod touch at the music management window.
Click the triangle under the “Export to” button, tap the iPod touch. Then the tool will start to transfer music to iPod touch. A progress bar will be shown, usually the process will be done in minutes.
transfer from ipod to ipod
You can also transfer playlists to iPod touch with TunesGo. Go to “Playlist” panel by clicking them on the left column. Check the boxes in front of the lists you want to copy to iPod touch. Just like transfer music to iPod touch, click “Export to” - to iPod touch. The Playlists should be transferring within seconds.
transfer playlist from ipod to ipod
See, that's how to transfer music and playlists from iPod shuffle to iPod touch. What a simple way to keep your favorite songs with your brand new iPod. Download it below and have a try.


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