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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Moto X

With the help of Wondershare iPod Music to Moto X transfer, you can easily transfer music between your iPod and new Moto X phone directly easily.

As we all know, Apple products are only run on iPhone Operating System. So it is not that easy to transfer data from Apple products, like iPod, to other devices. What if you just bought a new Moto X phone while your favorite songs are stored in iPod? (Since iPod is a very terrific music player, many users feel like enjoying music on their iPod.) What will you do with it? You may say just bring both of them with you. If so, don’t you feel any inconvenient?

I know there is a fantastic iPod to Moto X data transfer tool that can help you out. Maybe some readers have heard its name before. It is Wondershare MobileTrans, which is capable to transfer any data between any two devices. Besides, it is really easy to use. You only have to follow some simple procedures and click one button at a time before data transfer. Do you feel interested in it? Then keep reading.

I will show you how to transfer music from your iPod to Moto X in steps. Before we get started, please download Wondershare MobileTrans first.

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Here go the easy steps. Just follow me; you will see how easy it is to transfer music from your iPod to Moto X phone directly.


Step 1: Run this iPod Music to Moto X transfer tool on your PC

iPod to MOTO X Music Transfer
After installation, you have to run this data transfer tool on your PC. Make sure that you have installed iTunes on your PC beforehand. If not, Wondershare MobileTrans will remind you of installing it.

Step 2: Use USB cables to connect your iPod and Moto X with PC

music from ipod to moto x
Then, connect both of your iPod and Moto X with your PC via USB cables. Once detecting them, this iPod to Moto X music transfer tool will display them on the primary interface. The two devices, as you can obviously see, appear on the places of “Source” and “Destination”. Want to change the places of your devices? Just click the “Flip”. If you need to empty your Moto X before transferring music, you can tick off the mark “Clear data before copy”. Wondershare MobileTrans applies to all iPod models, such as iPod touch 5/4/3/2/1. Besides, it also supports all Android devices, including even latest ones.

Step 3: Transfer music from your iPod to Motorola Moto X phone

ipod touch music to moto x transfer
Please remove the marks before contacts, photos and videos before you begin transferring music. Then you can click “Start Copy” to activate the tool, and it will work automatically. During this whole process, please remember to make sure your devices are always connected with your computer. When it comes to an end, just click “OK”. Then you can enjoy your music on your Moto X. Isn’t that fantastic and easy? With only one single click, you can transfer music from iPod to Moto X phone. Believe me you are not daydreaming.

Just download Wondershare MobileTrans now. You will find the answer yourself.

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