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How to Transfer Photos from iPad (Mini) to iPhone 5S

There are more and more people who both have iPad and iPhone 5S with them while traveling or working. For these users, neither iPod nor iPhone 5S can work effectively without the other. Sometimes they may need to transfer some data, like photos from iPad (iPad 4/ iPad mini) to new iPhone 5S, but they just have no idea how to do so since iTunes cannot help. If you are one among these users, you will never feel regretful to read this article.

I will show you how to transfer photos with only one single click from your iPad to iPhone 5S in this article. Firstly, you need a professional iPad to iPhone 5S pictures transfer tool to make it come true. But where can you get a professional third-party tool? There is a tool named Wondershare MobileTrans, which can transfer files between tablets and devices whatever are based on Symbian, Android and iOS with only one single click. Believe it or not, with its help, you can transfer contacts, music, photos from your iPad Mini to iPhone 5S easily.

Now, I will show you how to transfer photos from your iPad to iPhone 5S step by step. Before we get started, please download Wondershare MobileTrans first.

Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version

OK. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: Run iPad to iPhone 5S synchronization tool on your PC

Photo from iPad to iPhone 5s transfer

Install iPad to iPhone 5S synchronization tool – Wondershare MobileTrans and run it on your computer. Then connect both of your iPad and iPhone 5S via USB cables with your PC. This tool will detect your devices as soon as they get connected and then display them on the starting window with iPad on “Source” and iPhone 5S on “Destination”. If you need to spare room for the imported photos from your iPad on your iPhone 5S, you can click “Clear data before copy”. You can also switch the places of your devices by clicking “Flip”.
copy photos from ipad to iphone 5s

Step 2: Transfer pictures from iPad to iPhone 5S

Then you will notice that all files, such as contacts, photos, music, are marked. If you want to transfer photos only, please remember to remove other marks except photos. If you want to sync all, then just skip it. After that, you can get started by clicking “Start Copy” and then just have a coffee seeing it work automatically. During this entire process, do keep your devices connected to your computer, or something worse may happen. When it is done, click “OK” to end it up.
sync photos from ipad to iphone 5s
See, photos from iPad to iPhone 5S transferring job are completed easily. It is so easy to transfer data between two Apple products with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans. What’s more, 
Wondershare MobileTrans supports all kinds of tablets and phones; no matter it is based on Symbian, Android, or iOS. And you will never suffer any data loss by using Wondershare MobileTrans. Seeing is believing, so you can just download it and have a try by yourself. Believe me; it is really worth your try!

Download Dr.fone for iOS Win Version Download Dr.fone for iOS Mac Version