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How to Transfer iPhone SMS to Android
There is no doubt that iPhone and Android Phone are most widely used smartphones nowadays. A quantity of people may have both of these two devices in different periods. Therefore, transferring iPhone SMS to an android phone would be a crucial problem we need to deal with. Since we all know, the iTunes cannot import those messages. Luckily, there is a software can fulfill this task – Phone Transfer.


Phone Transfer is an application that can transfer iPhone SMS to Android via USB cables with only a few simple steps. What's more, not only the text messages, but also the contacts, call log, photos, music, videos can be transferred. Besides, you can also transfer files between devices based on Android, Symbian and iOS. This software meets your various needs all in one. Drop aside those complicated and try this easy direct one. Let's see how to use this powerful software!
At the very beginning, you will need to download this software. (The trial version is free.)
Phone Transfer - transfer your SMS between phones swiftly

This handy Phone Transfer allows you to transfer your SMS from iPhone to Android phones. You can also use it transfer your Android SMS to iPhone. You can learn the way it works by reading the manual below.


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How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android

Step 1 Install and launch Phone Transfer
First, install Phone Transfer on your computer. You will get the primary window shown below as soon as you run it. Click the Start under the Phone to Phone Transfer line. primary window
Step 2 Connect your iPhone and Android phone to the computer
Connect the iPhone and Android phone to the same computer simultaneously. Phone Transfer will detect both phones automatically as soon as they are connected to the computer. If you want, you can check the box “Clear data before copy” in order to empty your Android phone before transferring, just in case of duplication.
iphone to android
Note: You need to install iTunes on your computer before transferring.

Step 3 Copy SMS from iPhone to Android
The last step, select “Test Messages” in the transfer window and click the “Start Copy” button. The software will do the rest for you. 
copying sms
Note: Be sure that the phones are well connected during the transferring period.

Everything is done. Just 3 simple steps with a few clicking on the mouse. You can transfer your SMS from iPhone to Android. Also, you can transfer your contacts, call log, photos, music, videos by this software. Download the software, install and run it, check the items your want to transfer, click “Start Copy”. Simple and easy. Why not download it and have a try for it's free for trial version.


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