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How to import SMS to desktop computer and view the SMS then print them
  • View SMS

  • Remark: The .db can be saved for the root of SD card if you connect your PC. You can find it and transfer it to your PC, then you can view/ edit/print or delete it.
  • Step 1: Transfer the SMS backup .db file from your android phone to computer by android phone's software first. Run Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer from PC Port files, only a few seconds you can see:SQLite ODBC Driver(s) installed, No mention about it click OK. Then double click Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer Manager.exe to run, You will see the SMS manager main window as below. 

    Step 2:Click "File"—>"Import" and select the backup file to import your SMS message to the Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer Manager. 


  • Step 3: You can see all your backup sms in your computer with Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer Manager Now! 

    Also, you could select a certain contact to view all the SMS chat with him (her) .

You can find the SMS by the keyword for example:Input SMS, then click Query, you can see the SMS which contain SMS, you can see screenshot as below:

  • 123


Print SMS

Step 1:Click "print" get the information if you want to print the SMS. IF you do not know what to print click "Yes", you can see the window as below:

Step 2:IF your PC had printer connected and you want to print all SMS you can click "print" directly to print them, you can see screenshot as below:

  • 123


  • Step 3:Sure you can choose the SMS which you want to print. Click ctrl then click your mouse to choose the SMS.You can see the Preview window choose the option for “Display Selected Rows”, you can see the SMS which you want to print only, then click Print to print them, you can see screenshot as below:


  • 123