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How to transfer contacts from one phone to another

Nowadays, many people have more than one mobile phone. Some may switch their Nokia phone to an Android Phone like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. Others may switch their Android Phone to an iPhone. If you happen to come across this situation, you must be eager to transfer the contacts from the old one to the new one.

There are various methods to transfer contacts between two mobile phones. Bluetooth is the most popular. Although it really works, it is not easy enough. Believe it or not, all the contacts can be transferred from one phone to another with a single click.What you need is MobileTrans.

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Part 1, Copy Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Simply connect your smartphones to computer via USB cable. If the Nokia phone is not showed in the “Source” box, click “Flip” to change the place. Make sure the contacts are selected in the program. Then hit on “Start Copy” button to transfer the contacts to your iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5.

Copy Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Moreover, all the files on your iPhone are safe. It transfers contacts to iPhone without erasing anything.

Part 2, Move Contacts from Nokia to Samsung, HTC, etc.

After connected the two mobile phones to computer, make sure that the Nokia phone is showed in the “Source” box. If not, click “Flip” to change the place. Select contacts and hit on “Start Copy” button. All the contacts will be moved to your Android Phone like HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. instantly.

Move Contacts from Nokia to Samsung

Part 3, Share Contacts between iPhone and Android Phone

To share contacts from iPhone to Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc., connect the two mobile phones to computer at first. Then select contacts and hit on “Start Copy” button.

Share Contacts from iPhone to Samsung

If you want to share the contacts from Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. to iPhone, click “Flip” button to change the source and destination device.

Part 4, Transfer Contacts between Android Phones

First of all, connect your mobile phones to computer. If you want to transfer contacts from HTC to Samsung, make sure that HTC is in the “Source” box. Or you need to click “Flip” button. Select the contacts and hit on “Start Copy” button, all the contacts will be transferred in seconds.

Transfer Contacts from HTC to Samsung

Note: If you check “Clear data before copy”, the contacts on the destination mobile phone will be erased.

No need to export and import contacts any more! In this way, you can transfer contacts between Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. with a single click. Try it on your own!