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How to transfer data between Android, iOS and Symbian

If you have bought a new Android phone like Samsung GALAXY, HTC One, etc., you must be in urgent need of transferring the files from the old Nokia phone to it. Sometimes, you may also need to share some photos, videos or music from your Samsung GALAXY to your friend’s iPhone 5. However, due to the different carriers and manufactures, transferring data among Android, iOS and Symbian phones is not easy.

In this situation, MobileTrans can help you a lot. It is designed to transfer contacts, sms, photos, music, videos and more between any two mobile phones based on Android, Symbian and iOS systems like Samsung to HTC, Nokia to iPhone, Nokia to Samsung, etc. Moreover, it never erases anything.

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Just a single click, MobileTrans enables you to:

  • Share contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, call logs and apps between Android phones like HTC to Samsung, LG to Samsung, Samsung to HTC, etc.
  • Share contacts, photos and music between iOS phones without erasing anything like iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, etc.
  • Transfer contacts, messages, photos, music, videos between iOS and Android phones such as iPhone 3GS to Samsung GALAXY, HTC to iPhone 4S, etc.
  • Move contacts, messages, photos and videos from Symbian to Android phones such as Nokia to HTC, Nokia to Samsung, Nokia to Sony, etc.
  • Copy contacts, photos and music from Symbian to iOS phones like Nokia to iPhone 4, Nokia to iPhone 5, etc.

How to transfer data from phone to phone?

1. Run the program and connect the two mobile phones to computer via USB cables. After connected, the two devices will be displayed in the places of "Source" and "Destination". The data will be copied from the source phone to the destination phone.

Transfer data between Android Phones

Note: You can click "Flip" button to change the places of the two devices.

2. Select the content you want to transfer. Then hit on "Start Copy" button to copy files to destination phone.

If you select the checkbox "Clear data before copy", the content on the destination phone will be erased. So be careful to check it. All the selected items will be copied in a few minutes.