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How to transfer data from Symbian Nokia to Android Samsung GALAXY

With the rapid development of Android phones, many of us are switching from Nokia to the latest Samsung GALAXY S4. I have a Nokia N97 and have just got a Samsung GALAXY S4. However, it came with a lot of problems when I wanted to transfer the data from Nokia to my new mobile phone. Some apps only transfer the music and playlists. Others only transfer a part of messages.

Thanks to MobileTrans, all my problems can be solved at once. Here I’d like to share my experience with you. Hope it can help you a lot.

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  • 1. First of all, connect your two mobile phones with the program via USB cable on computer. This step is easy enough for everyone.
  • 2. After connected, the Nokia phone will be showed in the box of “Source” and the Samsung GALAXY S4 will be showed in the box of “Destination”. If not, click “Flip” to change the places of them.
  • 3. Hit on “Start Copy” button, all the contacts, text messages, photos and music will be copied from Nokia to Samsung GALAXY S4 directly.

Transfer Data from Nokia to Samsung GALAXY S4

Don’t worry. The files on both Nokia and Samsung GALAXY S4 will not be erased after transfer.