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How to transfer music between two mobile phones

Have got a new mobile phone?

Smartphone is a pretty good music player. Many people like to transfer and download a lot of music to their mobile phones for enjoying music anytime on the go. What if you have switched a new mobile phone? How do you transfer the music from an iPhone to a Samsung GALAXY?

Want to share music with friends?

Sometimes, you may be eager to share some good songs with your friends. If you and your friend are both using Samsung GALAXY S4, then you can easily share the music via Group Play. It is a cool function that allows you to share music with a group of friends in real-time. However, all the mobile phones are required to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Have a try on MobileTrans!

MobileTrans is designed to transfer music directly from one phone to another with a single click. Moreover, it never erases anything.

Download Win Download Mac

With the program you can easily:


  • 1. Share music between Android phones: Samsung to HTC, LG Optimus to Samsung, Motorola to Samsung, etc.
  • 2. Share music between iPhone: iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, etc.
  • 3. Share music between iPhone and Android phone: iPhone 3GS to Samsung, iPhone 4 to HTC One, etc.
  • 4. Move music from Nokia to Android phone: Nokia to HTC, Nokia to Samsung, Nokia to LG, etc.
  • 5. Copy music from Nokia to iPhone: Nokia to iPhone 4, Nokia to iPhone 5, etc.

How does MobileTrans work?

Connect both of the two mobile phones to computer at first. Then select music and hit on “Start Copy” button.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung

The music will be transferred from the source phone to the destination phone instantly.

Note: Click “Flip” button, you can change the place of the source phone and the destination phone directly without re-connecting.