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Just 3 Steps to Recover Lost Videos from Sony Xperia ZL

Under some circumstances, you are likely to lose your data on your Sony Xperia ZL, like phone crash, wrong deletion and reinstall the system. Even your little cousin may make you suffer data loss by deleting photos or videos by accident. Hence, to know how to get your lost data back is quite essential, especially when you have some important data that you never want to lose, but don’t worry. The Dr.Fone for Android is here to get you rid of this trouble. It is a very incredible Sony Xperia ZL data recovery program that enables you to restore all kinds of data such as videos, contacts, photos, music, text messages and so on. Besides, this program is quite easy to use. Only within 3 simple steps can you restore your lost videos. Sounds pretty awesome, right? What’s more, Dr. Fone for Android is fully compatible with multiple smartphones and tablets based on Android OS. For the moment, only Windows version is available, which means this Sony Xperia ZL data recovery program can merely work on Windows PC.

But before you get started to try this powerful Sony Xperia ZL recovery program, you should note that not in every situation could you get your lost videos back. By that I mean once your phone has been overwritten by the new data then it is impossible to restore your lost data. Thus, in order to avoid such a sorry case, you’d better stop using your device once you lose the video. Just download the trial version on your computer and take a shoot yourself.

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Here goes the detailed guide as follows.


Step 1: Use USB to connect your Sony Xperia ZL to the PC


Firstly, use a USB cable to connect your Sony Xperia ZL with your PC and then run Dr. Fone for Android. There will prompt a main window, just press the green Start button to start the process.

Dr.Fone for Sony Xperia ZL

Step 2: Operate your Sony Xperia ZL and start scanning

Sony Xperia ZL Data Recovery
After that, your phone will display the restore menu spontaneously. All you need to do is operate your phone following the instruction on the Sony Xperia ZL data recovery program. Then once everything is done, press the Start button to begin scanning your phone. It will take a few minutes to scan the whole memory of your Sony Xperia ZL.

Recover Data from Xperia ZL

Step 3: Preview and recover lost videos

To recover all of the videos, you have to make sure that the video box in the first column is ticked and then hit the Recover button. At the meantime, Dr. Fone for Android lets you to preview the videos and select specific videos you want to restore. Just choose the box beside the video you want and press the Recover button. Bingo!

recover lost videos from sony xperia zl
Now that you have made it this far, why don’t you just download the Sony Xperia ZL data recovery  Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android on your computer and have a try? More features are waiting for you to explore.

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