Mac Overwritten File Recovery: 3 Steps to Recover Overwritten File from Mac
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Mac Overwritten File Recovery: 3 Steps to Recover Overwritten File from Mac

How to Recover Overwritten Files in Mac?

Hi... I had a consultant come in to re-install some files today. Unfortunately, she overwrote a file with a new file by the same name. Now we are out a few days work. Is there any possible way out there that can recover an overwritten file from Mac?

If you have maintained a backup copy of your Mac before the overwritten, you can use Time Machine to retrieve them. If unfortunately you have not, you still don't need to fret. The overwritten files are still inside your Mac. What you need to do is to stop using your Mac and look for a Mac data recovery program to help you.

Here you can take Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac as a try. This Mac Data recovery software is able to recover a variety of files on your Mac, no matter your files are overwritten on your Mac or your digital camera, external hard disk, memory cards, etc. This program also offers a trial version for you to scan your Mac or your device for overwritten before you pay for the recovery.

You can download the trial version now.

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Recover Overwritten File from Mac on 3 Steps.

Note: This program only supports Mac recovery. Windows users should download Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows to recover overwritten file from Windows computer.

Step 1 After installing and running Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac. You will see a window that offers 3 recovery modes. To recover overwritten file, please select “Lost File Recovery” mode.

Note: If you want to recover overwritten file from external storage device, please make sure that your external storage device can be recognized as a hard drive on your Mac.

 recover overwritten file mac

Step 2 Here you just need to select the right hard drive to scan for overwritten file. You can also refine the scanning result in “Select File Type” column.

Note: You can also “Enable Deep Scan” for a better scanning result too.

recover overwritten file on mac

Step 3 After the scan, all found files will be listed in the left of the window. You can check whether found files are what you want to retrieve or not by file names.

Then you can select files you are going to restore and click “Recover” to save them to your Mac.

Note: Please do not save the recovered file to the original location, because this would lead to data overwritten issue.

recover overwritten file from mac

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version