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SD Card Recovery: How to Recover Files from SD Card with Ease


SD CardSD card (Mini SD, Micro SD, SDHC etc) has entered your life for quite a long time. As long as you owe a cell phone or a digital camera etc, you probably know this tiny piece of SD card. It stores almost all your files such as photos, videos, music or even documents. However accidental deletion may put the files on your SD card at great risk especially you are not used to make regular backup, and then need SD card data recovery solutions urgently by searching on the net or ask questions such as ‘how to recover deleted files from SD card’ or ‘any way to perform SD card recovery’ etc. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Too many people suffer similar SD card data loss situations which vary from case to case.


Deleted files from SD card accidentally?

This SD card file loss scenario accounts for the largest percentage. Simply press a wrong button on

your digital camera or phone may get everything wiped within seconds. Or deleted files by a few clicks while connect the card to PC. Good news is you definitely have chance to get deleted files back right

the SD card as long as they are not overwritten BECAUSE a simple deletion won’t be necessary to wipe

all data immediately. Technically speaking, the data contained in the deleted files are only marked as deleted, but the real data – YES 100% intact there on your SD card. What you need is relying on SD card data recovery software to recover them. Explore for more in the following.

Formatted SD card and all data erased?

Accidental format (complete format or quick format) is another data killer. Many digital devices are equipped with functions like “format SD card” or “system restore” etc. Once you perform the option, all data will be formatted and the SD card will be totally blank. However, similar to deletion, format option also won’t clear the data on your SD card until new data occupy the space where those formatted data originally taken. That means you still have possibility to recover files from SD card. In this case SD card recovery software can also help you out easily. Find the best one in the following.

SD card corrupted, data become inaccessible?

The most possible reasons that cause this kind of problem are improper operation, SD card water damaged or just because it is too old as you know nothing can be life-long. How to fix it and make data become accessible again? Well, usually formatting will make the device work normally but may cause

some data loss. Right steps should be:use SD card file recovery tool to try recovering data ->format SD card ->re-use the program to recover more data.

SD card shows “card is not formatted, do you want to format it now”?

Such kind of format error not only happens to SD card but many other removable media. There are possibly 4 reasons cause the error.


SD Card Data Recovery Software (recommended)


Stellar Photo Recovery is a comprehensive digital media recovery tool (for

recovering photos, videos, music) that can deal with many data loss situations

from many storage devices including all kind of SD cards manufactured by

SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, PNY etc. Preview capability allows you to evaluate quality and confirm whether the found media files are right you deleted

in advance. The powerful data recovery capabilities enable users to achieve SD

card recovery quickly and efficiently.

Note: both Windows & Mac OS X versions are available, download the right version.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


How to Recover Files from SD Card – Step by Step

First Things First - When you find your files lost, immediately take the SD card out of the device (digital camera, camcorder or cell phone etc) you are using. DO NOT attempt to take more photos or store any other data to the card in case you may quite decrease chances of SD card recovery.


STEP 1: Free download the install the right SD recovery software on your computer. Then connect your

SD card. You can either load it back to your device and connect to the computer via a USB cable, or load the SD into a card reader and insert the card reader to your PC. Note: the second way is recommended

as is more secure.

STEP 2: Open the SD data recovery software, highlight the drive you SD card represents and follow the

instructions on the program to continue. In this stage a scanning will be performed.


STEP 3: After the scanning process, there should be a lot of files (photos, movies, audios, documents

etc) found and listed on the panel. Preview them to see if they are right what you have deleted or lost

from SD card. After confirmation, fully recover them easily. Note: usually recovery option is restricted unless you buy the program and get the registration code to activate.


The SD card data recovery software recommended above should be enough to help you undelete SD

card files at great ease. However, chances are not 100% sure as there are quite a lot of factors

influencing data recovery.

If recovery programs fail to help, DO NOT give up, send your SD card to a computer shop or data

recovery center for more consultant.