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Transfer iTunes Playlist and Music Library to Computer
I am a music lover, therefore, I saved a lot of music, dozens of playlists and music library in my iTunes. I've got a brand new computer recently and here is the problem. How do I transfer iTunes playlists and music library from the old computer to the new one?

It's quite a headache for people to transfer the music and other stuff from iTunes on one computer to another computer. Sure, you can redownload the songs you've purchased via iTunes Store to the new iTunes. But the iTunes playlists, and music library you created and gathered for days will be left behind in the old iTunes. Since it's impossible to transfer them directly, you need a professional iTunes Transfer to move iTunes playlists and music library from the old computer to the new computer in one time.

iTunes Transfer, a handy and professional tool designed to manage and merge your iTunes playlists and music library. You can use an Apple device, like iPhone, iPad or iPod, to play a role as a medium during the transferring. Before transferring all the data to the iTunes on the new computer, you should make sure that you've synced them with your Apple device. The following step-by-step guide will show you how to transfer iTunes playlists and music library to the new computer.
iTunes Transfer – best iTunes music manager

iTunes Transfer is capable to transfer iTunes playlist and music library between iOS device and iTunes. You can use this tool to manage all your music data easily.

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Step 1 Install iTunes Transfer on your new computer
Download the suitable version of iTunes Transfer based on what operation system your PC runs on. Install it on your new computer. In the following, the methods on how to transfer iTunes playlist and music library will be shown separately.

Step 2 Connect Apple device to the new computer
Get the Apple device you synced all the music data before, then use a USB cable to connect it to the new computer. You will see your device model displayed on the main window seconds after you launching the tool. At the left column, you will see music, playlist, photos and other tabs. The following step would be crucial to the transferring. 
iTunes playlist transfer
Step 3 Transfer iTune playlist and library to the new computer
If you are going to transfer iTunes playlist to the new computer, you need to click "Playlist" tab. The playlists synced from old iTunes to the Apple device will be shown. Then select the playlist you wanted to move and click "Export to", "Export to iTunes Library". All the selected playlists will be copied to the iTunes on the new computer in seconds.
iPhone playlist to computer
Note: If you want to transfer the playlist to computer instead of iTunes, click “Export to”, “Export to computer” then choose the path you want to save on your computer.

If you are going to transfer the whole iTunes library to the new computer, select the “Media” tab. Now you can select the songs and playlists in the main window and click “Smart Export to iTunes” to export them to your new iTunes library on your new computer.
iTunes library to computer
See, that's the method to transfer iTunes playlist and music library to new computer with iTunes Transfer. Remember to sync everything you want to transfer before the transferring. What are you waiting for, click and download it below.


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