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What to Do When My iPhone Will Not Sync with iTunes? - Fixed

What should I do when I cannot sync iPhone data from iTunes to iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4?


Here is the best solution for “iPhone Not Sync with iTunes”.

As we know, iPhone is a kind of cell phone which can be considered as one of the most powerful mobiles in the world. Why? Just take iPhone 4s for example, the RAM of iPhone 4s is only 512M actually, but it can run so fast and smoothly that thousands of cell phones which have a RAM of more than 1G can not rival. Amazing, right? One of the reasons is that the operating system of iPhone – iOS – is simple and efficient. Thanks to iOS, which based on UNIX, iPhone can run smoothly and safely. However, as the saying goes, Homo sapiens a consideration, there must be a loss. Sometimes iPhone may not work as well as former. You may come across a lot of problems and some of them can really drive you mad. For example, if you just update your iTunes to the version 11.0.2, you may find it impossible to sync iPhone with iTunes anymore. Thousands of people have posted this annoying problem. What can you do when you are not able to sync all your favorite pictures, photos, songs, etc. from iTunes to iPhone?

Of course Apple will solve this problem eventually sooner or later, and you just need to have a wait. But you can do something better than that. The best way to fix this problem must be to reinstall your iTunes. You can choose a correct version from the website of Apple. But you’d better make sure that your important files have been backed up. After reinstalling iTunes and transfer files back to it, you can just have a try again.

But sometimes this solution might be useless because some bugs of the iTunes may be the main reason resulting in this problem. You seem to have no other good ideas to fix this problem. But you still have other methods to transfer videos, songs to your cell phone without iTunes. To iOS, there may be some limits in many ways. For example, you can not transfer data between iPhone and your computer just as easily as transferring data between Android devices and computer in a normal way. But if you can turn to Wondershare MobileGo for iOS or Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac), such kind of thing is never the problem. 

Download MobileGo for iOS (Windows Version) Download MobileGo for iOS (Mac Version)



Wondershare MobileGo for iOS or Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac) is a third-party program which can help you transfer files between iPhone and computer, even if you don’t use iTunes. You can download it to have a try, and it is very easy for you to master it at the same time. Just launch this program on your computer, get your iPhone connected to the computer. After the program identified your mobile, you can see everything contented in your iPhone in the primary window. Choose what you want, just need some simple clicks, your favorite videos, songs, photos, will be saved on your computer!
sync Music from itunes to iPhone
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Wondershare MobileGo for iOS works well for all iPhones, including new iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C running on iOS 7.

Download MobileGo for iOS (Windows Version) Download MobileGo for iOS (Mac Version)