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iPad Stuck on the Apple Logo Screen

“My iPad 2 is frozen. I can’t get it to get off the apple logo screen. I have tried to use the home button/wake button. Done this multiple times and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Hope someone can help!
“My iPad stuck in white Apple logo screen during start-up. I tried hard restart but did not work. Then I plugged it into computer iTunes. Apple logo is still on and the computer didn’t recognize the iPad. What should I do now?”

Have no idea about how to rescue your iPad in this occasion? Clam down now. Just one simple click can get you out of the trouble with ease. iOS Data Recovery is what we are going to introduce to you, which can detect your iPad in abnormal condition and fix it by restarting the iPad for you. No complex steps so you won’t spend too much effort to make this. Read the easy guide below and bring back your stuck iPad now.

You can download the free trial version here and have a try:


Download Win Download Mac

Note: iPhone Data Recovery (Windows) and iPhone Data Recovery (Mac) are both available. Pick the right one and install it on your computer first.


Part 1: iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Screen

Step 1: Launch iPhone Data Recovery and connect your iPad to the computer via a USB cable.
For iPhone Data Recovery (Windows), the interface will be shown like this below:

iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Screen 
For iPhone Data Recovery (Mac), you will get the following window:
iPad Be Stuck on Apple Logo Screen 
Step 2: Get out of Apple Logo

The program recognizes that your iPad is not in normal mode as shown above. Just tap on “Restart” or “Set up” so your device will get out of the Apple logo screen after some seconds. Magical, right? Here you get back your iPad successfully.

Now, if you need to recover your iPad data, continue reading the instructions below. We will show you how to use iPhone Data Recovery to selectively recover data from your iPad.


Part 2: How to Restore your iPad Data

Step 1: Select a Recovery Mode
Run the program and you will get the main window as follow (Different versions have different interfaces). Two kinds of recovery modes are provided for your choice: “Recover from iOS Device” and “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. Select one as you like. Here we choose the first one for an example.
For iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad with Retina display and iPad mini users, you will see:
Your iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Screen 
For iPad 1 users, you will get:
iPad Stuck in Apple Logo Screen
Step 2: Scan your iPad Data 
For iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad with Retina display and iPad mini users, directly click “Start” in the window above to begin scanning your iPad data now.
For iPad 1 users, take the following tips to start the scan process:
1. Click “Start” in the program.
2. Press “Power” and “Home” buttons together for 10 seconds.
3. Release “Power” button but keep holding “Home” button until you enter the scanning mode successfully.
Get iPad out of Apple Logo Screen 
Step 3: Preview and Selectively Check iPad Data to Restore 
When you get all the data presented in orders on the left, you can click to expand each category, like contacts, messages, calendar, etc. and preview the details. Then check the wanted files and tap on “Recover”. It will take some time to restore all the data on your computer now. Wait patiently. 
Get Your iPad out of Apple Logo Screen 
Finished. Isn’t it convenient and simple for you to handle? If you meet any problems in the process, or have any better ideas to fix the problem, don’t forget to leave them in comments.


Download Win Download Mac